Hey all,

I figured as I've tried the old version with SUMA ROOT? And I currently have a Mango Flavoured version with a totally different label,that I'd review them both?

Just a quick run down of what I remember from the old version.

1. Made me SWEAT(more than any fat burner or pre-workout before) Maybe cos It had 400mg per serving off Caffeine?
2. It was very smoothe compared to mesomorph which made me feel jacked.
3. Pumps were decent

It did the job most times I used it. I enjoyed it more than Meso as it didn't stim me out and I have a high stim Tolerance.

NEW VERSION. Only used it once so far.

Very interesting label, def looks more complete.

1. Very smooth energy. It lasted forever.. infact I did 1.5hrs just on Calves & ABS.. and I wasnt running out of strength or energy!
2. Didnt make me sweat nearly as much as old and I did do a full scoop.
3. Taste is alright, more bearable than most.
4. No crash
5. I can't remember the pumps, so I doubt it was anything out of this world.
6. I didnt get that extra caffeine racing heart rate either. I really like this formula more.

Saying that, i'll prob keep using this. I find 1,3 pres have too many sides for me.