Jay breaking PRs with Intimidate and HGHpro

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  1. Jay breaking PRs with Intimidate and HGHpro

    Big thanks to VaughnTrue from iForce and GoHardOrGoHome from AI sports. To start with I would like to thank AI sports for hooking me up with HGHpro(Sponsored Logging Opportunity for Strength Athletes) and iForce Nutrition for allowing me to beta test their upcoming product Intimidate(iForce Needs Beta Testers: Are you easily INTIMIDATED?).

    Both companies gave me extra goodies as well. iForce gave me a sick T-shirt, a bottle of Hemavol and a bottle Maximize V2. AI sports gave me an awesome sports bag(Wasn't sure if I would use it at first but now I love it.), two sample packets of RecoverPro & Maniac, a sample of 3Z, Motivate, HGHpro and Perform.

    Age - 22

    Work out
    Monday: Chest/Biceps(cardio)
    Tuesday: Quads/Hamstring with a chance of clean & jerks
    Wednesday: Cardio only
    Thursday: Shoulders/Traps(cardio) with a chance of jerks.
    Friday: Back/Triceps(cardio)
    Saturday: Calves/Wild Card*(Most likely going to be Traps) with a chance of clean & jerks.
    Sunday: Off(cardio optional)
    **I may opt to do just cleans instead of clean & jerks on Tuesday, if I do I will most likely do jerks on Thursday**


    Maximize V2 - 1 scoop pre workout
    HemaVol - 2 scoops pre workout
    Fish oil
    Multi Vitamin by Now Adam
    Creatine Mono

    Calories - ~2800
    Protein - 40%
    Carbs - 35%
    Fat - 25%

    Starting weight
    - 161
    Eight days ago I was 170.8, and then I cut out all fast food. Honestly, for about a month I was sloppy and my lunch consisted of a McDonald's Sweet Tea and then on Tuesdays and Thursdays Mcdonald's 2-3 6 piece nuggets for $1 each and the other days Taco Bell(Mostly 5 layer burritos.) They taste good, were a good deal but not good for my health so they're gone.

    Current PRs
    Pause Bench - 295
    ATG Squat - 365
    Deadlift - 425 - I do use straps on my heavy sets, I won't lie. lol
    Clean & Jerk - 280 - Mainly for fun, I'm actually slightly afraid of my heavy jerks.

    - Strength, strength, strength. My longest unachieved goal so far is to bench double my bodyweight. So I chose to follow the recomp plan given to me by iForce. My plan is to hopefully maintain my weight around 160-170 while becoming leaner and gaining strength. Pretty sure all of my lifts will be going up a good amount.

    **At the end of this log I'll be starting on another right away. Be ready!

  2. 1st!

    awesome start bro!

  3. Thanks, I normally never win opportunities like this but lately my luck has turned around. Maybe I should start investing in the lotto.

  4. Saved for final review(Should've made this right away.)

  5. Oh snap. In bud



  6. Nice Cuda...tear this up!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  7. Going to sleep now. HGHpro has no taste being pills, but the intimidate powder does have a taste. It was kind of a different taste with a hint of watermelon? Not sure but it was easy to drink. Hitting the gym early tomorrow since I'll be busy in the PM. My work out will be posted around 1pm.

  8. 2 separate products??? dont find it hard to differentiate effects doing that??? especially for a beta?


  9. Of course I am going to sub to this. I had to choose between the 2 so I am interested to see how they pair together. Best of luck and break some PRs.

  10. This guy is gonna sleep like a bear. Don't forget to keep us updated if you can ever wake up!

  11. I'm in bro give it hell!!

  12. I slept great. Only problem is I woke up at like 3:30am and puked for like 2-3 hours. I think I ate a bad hamburger. But I managed to fall asleep no problem on a bathroom floor without alcohol involved.

    Anyways just took hemavol and maximize. Both tasted good but I'm a sucker for lemon drops and maximize tasted pulled off the taste.

    Workout will be posted a little late since I slept later than planned.

  13. Also, I weighed 157.4 this morning, but I don't think it counts. lol

  14. Quote Originally Posted by natandrb
    This guy is gonna sleep like a bear. Don't forget to keep us updated if you can ever wake up!
    Lol to this...

    Sorry to hear about the puking bro, never fun.
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  15. If the puking happens again tonight, I'd recommend cutting one or the other out and finding out the culprit. You may be alergic to one of the ingredients. Lets hope not though. Best of luck buddy!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Sourdough View Post
    2 separate products??? dont find it hard to differentiate effects doing that??? especially for a beta?

    I am agreeing with this. Intimidate is a beta and only users know the ingredients. I would assume Iforce would rather have this done solo.

    OP did you happen to ask VT if he minded you stacking both of them?
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  17. Well disregard post above, just saw in the promo said he didn't care.

    I'd like to see it solo but that's just me
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  18. Day 1

    Not going to mention my diet today, didn't eat nearly enough.

    Work out
    Today was calves and a wild card, I decided to do quads. I hate calf work outs.

    Standing Calf Raises
    (Holding 50 or 75lbs dumbbell in each hand)

    Body Weight Calf Raises on stairs


    Front Squats

    Leg Press


    Leg Extensions


    Clean & Jerk


  19. Also, I definitely like Hemavol and Maximize. They helped me focus on the weights instead of feeling sick and I was more vascular than usual post work out.

  20. Awesome. Glad to see you get the hook-up!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  21. dem some strong numbers bro, well done!

  22. Day 2

    Took both again last night. Slept straight through the night and I'm feeling much better. Today is a rest day with optional cardio. Probably going to go on a 5mile jog if the girlfriend is still up for it when she wakes up.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    Awesome. Glad to see you get the hook-up!
    Thanks, somebody was bound to hook me up eventually.
    Quote Originally Posted by napalm View Post
    dem some strong numbers bro, well done!
    Thanks man, did a lot better than I thought I would with the way I felt.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Grambo View Post
    Well disregard post above, just saw in the promo said he didn't care.

    I'd like to see it solo but that's just me
    I would prefer to see it solo as well, but we have many others going solo, so why not!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  25. 5 mile jog wasn't too bad. Only good thing about Florida being 78 degrees in December is being able to run outdoors comfortably.


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