Focus XT problems..?

  1. Focus XT problems..?

    I just got my focus xt in the mail. First, the smell of the package or something was terrible, like moldy cheese. Opened the container, and the powder looked like cottage cheese. Legit, its weird as ****. The powder itself smells like youd expect pina colada flavored powder to smell yet there was a smell of cottage cheese that filled the room. Any one else notice this? and the powder itself is all clumped up, it mixes well but its nothing like powders i've bought before (different brands). If that's how its supposed to be then i'm cool with it, but I'm wondering if that just means its super old or defected. anybody got an idea

  2. answer this post... now

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    answer this post... now
    No need to be pushy man. You would get a quicker response if you actually posted this in the SNS subforum where most of their reps would actually see this post. But yes, I've tried Focus XT in the past and the powders have a tendency to clump up like you are describing. Not sure on the cottage cheese though.
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  4. the clumping is common d/t the nootropics.

    the smell could just be from all the ingredients/flavoring, does it taste like cottage cheese? if not, i wouldn't worry about it.

    I got blue rasberry, and only noticed slight clumping, but it seems to be a common issue. i remember one guy's entire tub was clumped, but mixed fine when broken up.

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