win-50 by double dragon need info?

  1. win-50 by double dragon need info?

    My friends and I just ordered a cycle of this stuff anyone taken it before is it any good? Trying to cut down what should I stack with it? And how much cardio is necessary thanks.

  2. Prepare to be flamed for ordering a steroid without having done any research into what it is, how it works or even planning your diet/training.

  3. Hey, you came to the right place to ask!
    Answer: check the endless amounts of threads covering all of this already.
    Tally this one up as another waste of a thread. Not trying to be an ass but your question has been answered countless times all over the internet.
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  4. Very minimal info for anyone to help you out. That's like asking how far can I go on a gallon of gas without knowing engine size, make and model, highway or city, driving get the point.

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