Watermelon Cooler Hemavol? whats this? get in and find out!

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  1. Watermelon Cooler Hemavol? whats this? get in and find out!

    yea, so got a nice package from ups today.

    excited, will take my first dose of it today before I go to work!

    Lets get this party started.

  2. Yeaaaaaaah booooooi!


  3. I can only see like half of your pic.. Not sure if it bc I'm on my phone?

    Have you ever used Hemavol before?

  4. nope, sure haven't.

    so, just got back from the gym where I work, the head trainer is teaching me some new dynamic workouts. today was all lower body (and i just hit legs on monday :_(

    brutal, we fixed my imbalances in my squat/lunge position. anyhow, man, burning was intense, but inbetween him talking, i was able to recover noticably faster, in order to perform the next set without humiliation.

    couple of times thought the glutes were gonna knot up, but nope.

    was it the hemavol? only time will tell......

    other good stuff. mixed great, tasted like watermelon. wasn't over the top though like with other watermelon products (like amino x, which i can mix with 20 oz of water and it's still sweet)

    this is a good thing, cause i dont want to sip on my hemavol, i'd rather slam it down quick. and i dont like slamming over 10oz of water. makes you have to piss during your w/o.

    going for round two in a bit, going to hit chest, lets all pull for a nice pump.

  5. awesome review so far, keep it up!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  6. just got back from the gym, here's what i did...

    4 sets of incline d/b presses
    4 sets of machine fly's, nice and wide, like i was trying to hug a redwood.
    4 sets of flat d/b presses
    4 sets of incline fly's
    4 sets of decline bb press
    4 sets of scapula depression (push down on dip machine, keeping arms str8, no elbow flexion)
    4 sets of superset crunch/ab coaster
    4 sets of pushups using round d/b's for handles (help stabelize the wrist)

    time in gym 1hr 10min

    would of normally ended with some cardio, but since i was sweatin my asss off earlier, i skipped it. any how, had a great pump, felt freaking good. nice mind/muscle connection too.

  7. so just got back from training. hit back/shoulders.

    warm up was 7min on the eliptical, at level 15.
    started out with warming up the rotator cuffs, good burn.

    completely new back workout for me, i'll try to name off the stuff we did, but man, i can barely type.

    bent over b/b rows, 2:1 ratio, hit as many reps as we could for 20 sec, then 10 sec rest back into reps for 20 sec... did 7 sets of these
    back was pumped like a mofo.
    pull ups, super wide grip, rest/pause sets/3 of them.
    d/b rows, 3 sets
    wide grip rows superset'd with shoulder press with extended reps
    lateral raise supersetd with knee ups(3), & crunch (4), 7 sets total.

    head trainer is working with me to correct my weak areas, as I am training to begin training. lol. so form/technique was super critical, man, my ass was kicked all over the place. knocked all of this out in an 1hr.

    good pump though. should of carbed up the night before, next time i will though. damn.

  8. Figured out what the first exercise was, fst-7 training. Interesting.

    Upper back, shoulders are pretty sore today.

  9. Shoulders and back together is too much for me, lol I spent over a hour on just shoulders today...

  10. It was pretty intense, at one point I thought I was going to puke, lol, but I didn't want to look like a puussy, so I sucked it up and kept going.

  11. hit shoulders today, whoo, nice pump in the arms.

    cant wait until i hit just arms. def a notable change in "pump" from using this product, interesting.

  12. workout was 8min on the treadmil, walking at an incline of 11 degrees, 3mph

    rotator cuff warm up exercises
    seated lat raise
    seated smith press
    reverse fly ss with hanging knee ups
    stability ball d/b presses,
    stability ball complex shoulder d/b exercise (arnold press into single arm press into upright row)
    stability ball skull crusher ss with crunch
    reverse grip tricep ext ss with close hand push up on stability ball

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    It was pretty intense, at one point I thought I was going to puke, lol, but I didn't want to look like a puussy, so I sucked it up and kept going.
    That's right no puss'n out!!!

    I notice a arm pump on shoulder day too, lol

  14. Sounds like it's pumping everything up!

    Man can't wait to get mine in!
    RecoverBro ELITE

  15. Quote Originally Posted by mattrag View Post
    Sounds like it's pumping everything up!

    Man can't wait to get mine in!
    That's a good way to put it

  16. glad you're liking it so far bro!

    cant wait to get my tub of watermelon
    iForce Nutrition Online Representative Manager
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  17. yea, it's pretty impressive. legs today!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    yea, it's pretty impressive. legs today!

    I'd say

  19. just got done with legs, dayum, my hams are wipped.

    10 min on treadmil
    dynamic warm up
    4 sets of leg extensions
    4 sets of back squat
    4 sets of romanian dead lifts
    4 sets of leg press
    4 sets of leg curl

    nice pump fo sho.

  20. took yesterday off, but still drank my hemavol, i mixed it with sizeon & 20 oz of water.

    fruit punch + watermelon....mmmmmm

  21. Haha I like to use a scoop of Hemavol on off days when I do a little extra cardio.

  22. yea, i plan on taking this every day, even when i dont lift.

    took my hemasvol yesterday, but didn't end up lifting until about 5-6 hrs later, still had a nice arm/chest pump in the gym though.

    chest is sore today, but not as much as it could of been. didn't go all out.

  23. this would be a great product to make by the pitcher, and just sip on when thirsty. lol.

  24. nothing really to change in updates, still having nice pumps in the gym.

  25. still using my hemavol everyday. yesterday I took a scoop with some form x when I went to go visit my pops. had some good vascularity going on, and was complimented on how i'm looking.

    going to try to drop 1-2 lbs of fat mass this last week before vaca.


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