AI Sports RecoverPro review

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    AI Sports RecoverPro review

    Hi everyone, I received my samples of RecoverPro from AI Sports today, and let me say the taste is freakin AWESOME. First of all, thanks to AI for the samples. I received packets of the lemonade and the red raspberry, and after some careful thought, I decided to mix them together!

    If you're a raspberry-lemonade mix fan as I am, you'll love this stuff.

    4 grams of L-Leucine, 1 gram of L-Isoleucine and 1 gram of L-Valine per serving = perfect. The 2 packets together doubled the BCAA's, that's a pretty good amount of BCAA's after a 50 rep squat day!

    I just put about 12 ounces or water in a shaker cup, added the 2 packets, gave it a couple good shakes and that was it. It mixed real well - no clumps or anything like that.

    Great job AI, I have 3 paydays this month, and will be picking up a tub!

    They were also cool enough to send a couple samples of Maniac - I'll be tossing that down tomorrow pre-workout - that review will be posted as well.

    Thanks again AI, well done...

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    Thanks for the review and glad to hear that you liked what you tried.

    I get three paychecks this month, too
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