So Hemavol....Yeah it's the REAL DEAL

  1. So Hemavol....Yeah it's the REAL DEAL

    Big thanks to the generous guys at iForce and Bald Anus for sending me a tub of hemavol to try! After getting in a few workouts, I can now safely say I have a good feel for the product and what it does and does not do.

    iForce HEMAVOL


    Let me start off by saying I am a huge fan of tart drinks. I honestly enjoy drinking bulk citrulline malate, and hemavol did not disappoint. People say the taste of preworkouts is irrelevant, and while I agree ALMOST wholeheartedly, there is a part of me that craves a refreshing drink to get me going for my workout. And Hemavol delivers. Very tart, very tasty lemonade.



    Mixed just fine...towards the end of the cup there were some undissolved specks...I'm assuming the GMS. This is unavoidable so no issue.



    I'll let you guys be the judge on this one. Personally, I think it's fantastic for what it seeks to achieve, which is stimulant-free energy (mb12) and endurance/pumps (everything else ). Those who know me know that I detest Glycerol Monostearate, as it dehydrates me and has no positive effects outside of cosmetics. Well, the dose of GMS in this product was not enough to give me side effects, so no issue there.



    IN-CREDIBLE. I've taken a lot of pump products. To put it in perspective, this feels something like a hefty dose of nitrates AND agmatine, which is to date the strongest pump combo I have ever used. Hemavol is giving it a run for its money though, and the fact that it is stimulant free is a huge plus for me because it allow an awesome flexibility of dosing. I was honestly getting pumps on my "core" exercises for 5/3/1 which is very odd...deadlifts seriously gave me a major forearm pump and increase bicep hardness (I found the latter effect odd, but it's just that noticeable).



    The second best effect from Hemavol IMO. Did it alter my weight shifted on heavy, low rep sets? Not really. But in the 10-20 rep range on leg day, and lunges in particular, I noticed a fantastic increase in endurance. Breathing was easier, and I passed my previous PR with such ease that I questioned my form before realizing that I was doing it just fine.



    I respond very well to methylcobalamin, and Hemavol was no exception. Was it the energy you'd expect from a stimulant-based preworkout? No. Did I feel a rapid onset? No. But I had a steady stream of positive energy throughout the workout, which is all you can ask of a product that isn't even specifically geared towards stimulant-free energy.



    This was the one area I felt was lacking. I'm a stimulant/nootropic junkie so obviously I missed my focus ingredients, but this was easily remedied by adding 1g ALCAR with my Hemavol, which produced some fantastic workouts. Regardless, this product is stimulant-free and I don't believe focus was a major goal when this was formulated.



    I can't fault Hemavol for not giving me MINDBLOWING FOCUS because nowhere in the writeup does it advertise this. What it does advertise is MINDBLOWING PUMPS...and that is exactly what I got. The product is superb, and the dosing flexibility makes it a done deal for me. Add 1 scoop to your favorite stimmed preworkout and you will still reap all the benefits!


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  2. Nice review

  3. you call this a review?


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  4. great review sir. the attention to detail and descriptions are incredible. I appreciate such an honest yet glowing review.

    PS: The offer still stands.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  5. Nice
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo View Post
    Nice review
    Quote Originally Posted by baldwanus View Post
    you call this a review?


    Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    great review sir. the attention to detail and descriptions are incredible. I appreciate such an honest yet glowing review.

    PS: The offer still stands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Powercage View Post
    Thanks for the kind words guys, iForce really has something special here. Agmatine + citrulline is a beautiful combination and Hemavol is the king of urea cycle pump products (agmatine inhibits arginine -> citrulline conversion).


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