Alright, so Iíve decided to try out the new M5, the idea of a mix and match pre-workout is a great idea! C4 was a great product, so why not add some extra goodies in the additional mixÖSo lets get this review started!
Iíll start out with the first thing that will hit you, Taste.

Taste (5/10): The flavor was cherry-limeade and to be honest you get an initial kick of the sweet lemon/cherry than all of a sudden you get hit with an extremely weird after taste. It really is not a deal breaker but is not the traditional C4 amazing flavor Iíve come to know. It drinkable but I cant say enjoyable.

Mixibility (9/10): Iíve had this for two days, first time was in a glass of water and a spoon. It mixed easily just need to give it a good swirl and it becomes a nice pink color. Day 2 was in a shaker bottle and it was instant mixing.

Energy (10/10): You canít beat C4 when it comes to energy, considering the top part of M5 is C4, than you get that great energy in 1 or 2 scoop flavors. I like mine with 2 scoops and it gives me a buzz 15 minutes within taking it. My workout are non-stop, I can go from super set to super set and just need a few 30 second breaks and I feel like new! If one scoop does you well thanÖthe beauty of M5 is that you can make it so!

Pump (10/10): I love this part, it has a nice amount of Creatine Nitrate and Citrulline Malate, it doesnít stop there its got Grape Seed extract which to my understanding helps here as well. Once I start working out the veins come out like big oíl pipes and my muscles feel a great big swell come on. Here is another beauty say, you just want the pump + strength component leave out the stimulants! You will still get the great pump.

Strength (8/10): Its too early to tell but with Creatine Nitrate, and Magnesium Creatine Chelate, than a nice addition of beta-alinine. It has some other nice goodies in the formula that helps. On only 2 days I will have to give a later update to let you know how it progresses but I know already that its going to give me a great boost. The stiumlants in the formula have been giving me the initial boost I need in order to throw up the extra lbís on my lifts.

Concentration (10/10): I love this aspect of the product, about 30 minutes into the product I get this wonderful focusing effect. Once I get the tunes pumping I donít want to stop lifting. I focus on lifting and just liftingÖmaybe the occasional girl on the stair stepper =p.

Crash (8/10): I take two scoops and yet I feel almost no crash, I think from working out so hard that is the thing that makes me tired not coming off the caffeine. Iím glad they skipped the 1,3 DMÖthat would probably give me a big crash, so its nice to see its not in here.

Other Notes: Iíve noticed that I sweat a lot more when taking this product. It seems that I come out of my workouts quite a bit more drenched and thatís a great thing! I have to make another note of Cellucor making an effort to really innovate and do new things. Iím glad to see a great new product that has not let me downÖmaybe on the taste but Iíll give up a small part for the greater good.