Iforece Tropinol log and review

  1. Iforece Tropinol log and review

    I'll be logging this Test Booster - Iforce Tropinol
    I've heard some good things and some bad things about this product.
    Will be working out 3 days a week and taking Tropinol daily at 2 caps (1 am and 1 pre-workout)
    I will be taking creatine daily and maybe some protein powder.

    Thank you Iforce for allowing me to try your product.

  2. In my brother


  3. I opened the box about an hour ago and took my 1st cap.
    I was planning on getting in my workout later today but to be honest I am not sure about that now.
    I have a pretty bad pain in my stomach (gas cramping?) and i have started sweating a little bit... i'm not sure what's happening. i ate a few hours ago and the only thing i took was Tropinol and a bottle of water. I'll see how i feel later.

  4. well that sucked. was in the restroom for a good 20 minutes... i feel a little better though. good thing i had an old box of gas-x in my cupboard.

  5. OK, guys
    I hate to say this but something in this capsule is not agreeing with my stomach. I woke up and made some eggs for breakfast then waited 2.5 hours and took 1 cap of Tropinol. Again i get this cramping in my stomach within an hour of taking Tropinol. I'm not sure what else would cause this 2 days in a row. Nothing else in my diet has changed. I'm affraid if i feel this way a 3rd time I will have to stop. It means i have to take another supplement to deal with the gas pains from Tropinol.

  6. 2nd dose of the day and the same results as day 1 and this morning. I even took the product within an hour of eating a sandwich. So, after trying to take the product 3 times and feeling really cramped up in my stomach, I have decided that it's in my best interest health wise to immediately discontinue using the product. I'm not sure which ingredient in Tropinol is creating this severe discomfort. I don't know if I'm allergic or what is going on, but i don't feel it's good to take a supplement that gives such a painful experience every time i take a dose.

  7. Best play it safe and discontinue use.



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