Purus D-Pol PCT log (semi-sponsored)

  1. Purus D-Pol PCT log (semi-sponsored)

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    First off, thanks to Grambo and the peeps at Purus for the hook-up

    Just finished 6 weeks solo Protomax cycle: 50/75/100/100/125/150; All went good, was looking to cut/recomp. Not complaints. Didn't loose as much fat as I wanted but gained more muscle than expected.

    I picked up a 2nd bottle of D-Pol so I'll but loading 6 tablets for the first two weeks and than cutting down to only three per directions. Also Nolva at 20/20/10/10, Cel Suppress-C 2 pumps a day.

    Log will be going 4 weeks and than I'll have my review up. Weeks 5 & 6 I'll probably stack w/ DS AX.

    Support Supps:
    Purus SlinSHot
    Size-On Max
    White Flood

    Looking to recomp/cut and make some strength gains.


  2. Looking forward to the log!
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. Day 1

    First impressions: Packaging was top notch. The cannister was sealed tight w/ foil and packet solid with cotton. Pill are fairly big witht the sweet Purus lab embossed.

    Off day so...
  4. Day 2


    Was in a bit of a time crunch so had to throw in some super sets. Got everything in, in less than an hour. Also got in 10 intense min. on the stepper.

    One thing I noticed is my pumps are starting to subside, during my cycle my pumps were sick. So this is one think I hope to see improvement on in the next week or so.

    Motivation was way up, intensity was great, strength seemed a tad down.

    Tommorow is back/bi
  5. Day 3


    Had a great day today. Sleep awsome with no sleep aid. Woke up feeling good.

    Workout rocked! Had tons of energy and could have went all night. I have noticed pumps are down from my cycle, but vascularity was up. Also looking more leaner and noticing more cuts. Guessing I'm loosing a lil bloat/h20 lbs.

    So Fridays are my official weigh in days so I'll post that tomorrow.

    Legs tomorrow.

  6. Day 6

    Felt great today. I had just an overall good positive feeling throughout the day.


    Workout was good. I really pushed my self and strength felt good. Vascularity was up a bit, and my pumps were a tad better than my last chest workout.

    Noticing some new acne on my back. Not sure if its from the protomax still in my system or what.

    My libido still hasn't really came back around since going off cycle. Hopefully it comes back soon.
  7. Day 7


    Noticed resting vascularity has improved a great deal

    Pumps were also awsome during my workout. especially in my tri's.

    Feeling good overall. By was sick so slept like crap lastnight. Taking off work tomorrow so should get some good sleep and be able to get a good long, hard workout in sometime tomorrow.

    Also, started 4mg albuterol twice a day; than up to 12mg. Was starving this afternoon.

  8. Great job taking time to do this log Pigpen
    Head Purus Labs Rep
  9. Day 8


    Did some interval training on the Treddy and Stepper. Felt awsome and motivated throughout. Sweat my butt off. I have not sweat that much in sometime. I also threw in about 20 min of intense ab work after words. All went very well.

    Feel like a may have a slight pump throughout the day. I have an overall good feeling.

    I'm also off for the next five days so that may have something to do w/ it. ; D

  10. Real happy about the break myself! One class this morning then nothing for a week! Nice...... Though I do have to work/intern a few hours
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  11. Yea, I got an extra day offf, cuz my boys sick, but I don't have to be back til Monday. Its great
  12. Day 9


    Great workout today. I was real motivated and totally shredded my biceps. Vascularity was great, strength felt good, and endurance was awsome. Recovery has also seemed like its been pretty good lately.

    Gonna try to hit cardio in the am, Feast, and then Legs in the PM tomorrow
  13. Day 12

    I've just been doing cardio the last couple days. Hit a two a day on TG. Alls going pretty good.

    Noticed and increase in aggression/temper and also noticed pretty deep sleep and lucid dreams. Gonna just stick w/ cardio til Monday than gonna hit the weights again.
  14. Day 14

    Trimmed Nolva down to 10mg and D-Pol to 3 tablets.

    Aggression still up; Libido up a tad. Arms beginning to feel fuller and looking a tad leaner. Weight for now seems to be hovering around the same. It was a bit down last week before Thanksgiving and than shot up a tad : D. I'll have a more accurate reading on my weight on Friday.

    Shifting my workouts back to the P90x lifting schedule. Doing lighter weight w/ a lot of reps and little rest in between. My goals is to start shedding alot of fat before Christmas. Gonna do heavy cardio 3-4 days a week.
  15. Day 16

    Did shoulders/arms yesterday and had a great workout. Dosed 2 slinshot and some oatmeal before my workout and I had some of the best arm pumps i've ever had!

    Todays was a pretty good cardio session; did some interval training on the treddy w/ 10 min of the stair stepper and than some abs.

    Leaning out a bit and my weights staying the same. Libido still low but coming around. Body starting to ache a bit from the nolva, think I may trim it down to 5gm the next three days and call it quits. Strength feels good.

  16. Any sides?
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Any sides?
    No sides

  18. Quote Originally Posted by pigpen75

    No sides
    That's a good thing.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    That's a good thing.
    I agree haha

    One logger on another site made a HUGE jump in his timed runs while using Dpol. It was pretty interesting. I'd say this could be an amazing supplement for athletes overall.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  20. Thats great. And with you saying that, I have noticed my overall endurance has improved. I feel like I can do cardio and lift all night sometimes.
  21. Day 19

    Thats great. And with you saying that, I have noticed my overall endurance has improved. I feel like I can do cardio and lift all night sometimes.

    Weight- 190.6

    Weights down and I'm happy. Actually look and feel as though I'm getting stronger. Almost feel like i'm bulking at times. Triceps are looking more defined.

    Feeling good no sides. Had a really intense leg workout last night. But butt and quads are nice and sore this am.

    Libido jumping up, aggression is at bay, recovery is picking up verny nicely.
  22. Day 23

    Caught a sinus cold and had no choice but to take yesterday and today as rest days. Hopefully I can do some light cardio/abs tomorrow and than hit back and chest hard on Fri.

    My last workout was on Monday and it rocked. it was shoulders/arms, I actually had pretty bad sniffles that day but forged through it. My vascularity was off the chart and pumps were really good. Strength felt as though it increased in some areas. Aggression was pretty sick and I could feel people starring at me. I actually felt like I was "ON" cycle. Great stuff.

    Doped up a lil last night w/ some Nightquil and got around 9hrs sleep. Really needed, and still dragged ass a bit at work today. Actuallys starting to feel a tad bit better tonight, so I'm optomistic about tomorrow.
  23. Day 29

    Well recovered pretty good from that cold last week and had a pretty big weekend. I had to bartend and worked 12 hrs on sat, got off at 330am. I then had a Christmas party on Sunday and had a blast. Recovered all day monday.

    Had some pretty good cardio tonight and looking forward to shoulders/arms tomorrow.

    Weight- 192 (+1lb)

    Also lost 1" in my waste and 1/2 " in my hips!
  24. Day 30


    pretty intense workout today. dosed a couple Slinshots w/ a big ass bagel preworkout and I had some of the best arm pumps i've ever had! Strength and intensity was also off the chart today. Vascualrity was also awsome, deffinitly felt like I was on cycle today.

    I did notice something a little different today, I sweat more today than I have in a while, I also noticed yesterday during cardio I sweat my but off too.

    I really noticed some good deffinition in my outer chest and my arms looked swole as hell today! Review coming asap.
  25. Review

    Aggression- 8.5/10: Had a few beast-mode days and no temper flares.

    Enurance/Stamina- 9/10: Deffinitly felt a difference in the area about 2 weeks in.

    Strength- 8/10: Made a few, but than again I was on a cut; also happy that I did not loose any strength at all.

    Sides- 10/10: None

    Pumps- 9/10: Great pumps. Arm pumps were deffinitly the best! Chest pumps were good.

    Value- 10/10: cant beat this stuff for the price; Actually just seen it the other day for $16.99

    Overall- 9/10: Great value and the stuff works! Kept all my gains and even added some. Also lost 1 lb on the scale and leaned out loosing 1" in my waist and .5" in my hips, cloths also go baggy. I would deffinitly recommend this stuff. I also plan on running this for a bulk later in the year. I think this stuff can be even better if your not coming of a cycle. Great stuff thanks Purus.


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