Dom Gets Up & Goes with Alpha-T2 and OxyELITE Pro

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  1. Dom Gets Up & Goes with Alpha-T2 and OxyELITE Pro


    Sh*t. Is about. To get. Real...

    ...with the 'Get Up & Go' stack!

    See, what had happened was (short version):

    - I weighed 280

    - I got down to 195 (seeing a '1' on the scale for the first time since I started caring about weight)

    - Went on vacation, home, to the sunny FLA

    - Never really turned vacation mode off

    - Currently weigh 205. Son of a B*tch.

    So my Alpha T-2 and OEP arrived yesterday (big ups to NP, I placed the order Thursday and Friday wasn't a business day. Strong shipping) I will be starting the stack tomorrow a.m. 2 caps of OEP and a cap of AT2 will be put to the ultimate test, as I will take them upon arriving home after working an 8-hour shift overnight unloading trucks.


    Yes. I will unload trucks for 8 hours, go home, take my first dose, then go for a run.

    Not only do I expect the stack (based on the time I ran OEP solo) to give me the fire to get through a run after an overnight shift, but I also expect it to give me the alertness I need to do my day job which is 90% driving after being up all night (in before 'stay safe').

    GOALS: To reduce bodyfat by any means necessary. Honestly, I doubt I'll touch a weight this whole run. I might, but I doubt it. I do a lot of running, a lot of plyo's, a lot of Ross Enamait stuff. A lot of the 80 pounds I lost was muscle, so I don't care too much about preserving the little bit that I have left. I'll just torch everything and start building from scratch when I'm a deflated, skinny-fat shell of a man. It's easier to build muscle the leaner you are, anyway.

    Starting Stats:

    Height: 5'11".
    Weight: 205lbs.
    Bodyfat: Over 20%, not lean enough to really care. What'll be impressive about this log will be the before and after pictures, more than the numbers. I've taken 'before' pictures, but probably won't post them until I post the 'after' pictures.

    Also, here's a dragon eating a wizard. Because I said so, that's why.

  2. Strong support up in this mother. Feelsgoodbro.jpg

    So, I woke up Sunday morning, hangover, at 10:00a.m., went to day job. Went to night job. 6:15 Monday morning, I dragged my ass through the door and popped two OEP and one AT2. Laid down... was about to doze... boom: kicked in. Here I am, 23 hours without sleep, two shifts under my belt, about to run 3-4 miles. Says a lot, I think.

    Side note: not crediting the AT2 just yet, because it could be a coincidence, but when the energy kicked in, so did an OBNOXIOUS libido boost. Like, girlfriend was still asleep, and had to weigh the pros and cons (only half kidding). Like I said, might be a fluke, but will keep an eye on this.

    Not sweating. Not jittery. Slight nausea.

    Will update later.

  3. Alright, six hours following the first dose, I took two AT2 and one OEP on an empty stomach, waited 30 minutes to let the effects fully kick in and went for a run. Ran a 5k. Sweated considerably more than usual. No ridiculous libido boost came with the two caps of AT2 so I must have just been in a mood this morning. After the run my body temperature stayed elevated for quite a while, even following an ice-cold shower (for no other reason other than it feels good). Was told by two people that my face was red, and that I looked flush. As of right now, I have been awake for 32 hours, including 8 hours of moving heavy items and a 5k and I feel great, and I'm 6.5 hours removed from my last dose. Still feeling alert, awake, ready to go. Have consumed a gallon of water so far today, just finished my first gallon. Used to drink two/ day until I started driving all day as part of my job. Two gallons a day becomes very inconvenient at that point. So just the one, then once it's finished, I drink when I'm thirsty or if I think of it I'll have a glass of water. The minimum quota is the gallon, though.

  4. Two OEP and one AT2 down the hatch about two hours ago. Body temperature noticeably higher than usual. I love the appetite suppression that the 1,3-DMAA gives me. There's so much junk food in this house and I'm off from my day job today, relaxing. Normally I'd be tempted by all the junk, but 1,3-DMAA is like willpower in a bottle. No notes to report other than feeling elevated body temperature. No increase in thirst or jitters... was a touch nauseous after the dose, but it was mild as far as those episodes go and it subsided quickly.

  5. Alright, two AT2 and one OEP taken about an hour ago. Weather outside is looking crappy, so instead of going for a run, I'll be heading to the gym around 6:00 (2.5-3 hours from now). Feeling very warm, but not sweating. Feeling kind of like I have a fever. Got the chills a bit. I welcome it, though, it makes me feel like the AT2 is doing it's job. I believe it's the AT2 due to the fact that when I ran OEP solo, I didn't get quite so warm. Also, I only got this warm yesterday after my second dose, which contains two caps of AT2 instead of one.

  6. About 45 minutes ago I took two OEP and an AT2. At this moment I have not slept in 26 hours, and under my belt have a 45-minute run and an 8-hour shift unload trucks and lifting/ moving boxes, etc; I am wide awake and alert. That is all.

  7. Awesome log.

  8. Took two AT2 and one OEP at 2:15... ravenously hungry... resisting the urge to tear through the kitchen like a tornado... so much for willpower in a bottle...

  9. Just found this.. I am in for dragons eating wizards... and that is the only reason I subscribe!
    The Historic PES Legend

  10. I just found this as well lol.

    I think the large font at the beginning put people off lol.

    Ravenously hungry? This is not something I experience with AT2 lol.

    PEScience Representative

  11. Bah, humbug. If somebody is put off by large, red font, I don't want them in my log anyway.

    Hunger subsiding... must have just been a fluke attack of weakness. Tempted to weigh myself in the morning after only three days, but I know I shouldn't step on there but once a week, lest I lose my mind.

  12. SO, yesterday I got to sleep at night (Wednesday night/ Thursday morning). Then went to Day Job, went to the gym, ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill, and went to Night Job. Here I am, fresh from night job, no sleep, an hour after two OEP's and one AT2 and I am as fresh as a daisy. I'm getting ready to head out to Day Job, then Night Job again. This'll be the first time I have Day Job-Night Job-Day Job-Night Job without a break in between to sleep, so this stack has a chance to shine. FULL DISCLOSURE, I understand that this is not meth, nor a miracle drug, and I really need to sleep, but the reality is that I will not, so I'll give an honest opinion on how this stack helps me cope with that fact. It's a rockstar so far. Feeling very warm. A slight bit of nausea accompanies my morning dose each morning, but it's very mild and only lasts about 20 minutes or so. I know it can be remedied by taking the AT2 then the OEP, but it's so mild it doesn't even warrant remedying. Reme... remedy-ing. Is that a word? Doesn't matter.

    I'll weigh myself Sunday morning for a fair weight because I'm not working Saturday night which means I won't be pouring buckets of sweat just before my 6:00a.m. weigh-in resulting in a lower number than usual. I'll drink my normal gallon plus throughout Saturday, go to bed Saturday night, and have a real weight on Sunday morning. Can't wait.

  13. No Day Job today, no Night Job tonight. Just rest and relaxation. Feels sooooo good.

    Weighing myself tomorrow morning. Should go for a run today after second dose, containing two AT2 and one OEP.

  14. Weight this morning: 199.

    A loss of 6 pounds.

    I'd love to be 195 by next week so everything after that is pure loss, and not catching up to where I was before FLA.

  15. Went to work last night, came home from work at 6:00a.m., took two OEP adn one AT2, BAM. No sleep necessary. Waited for it to took in, then went for a run.


    A week in and the first dose of the day (two OEP and one AT2) always makes me nauseous. Every time. But only mildly so. Mildly enough that I'm not even going to take steps to remedy it. It's not that serious.

    Core temp is definitely elevated for hours after taking this stack, I feel heat coming off myself like if you spent a day in the sun, and I have the chills all the time. It's like having a fever, without feeling like sh*t.

  16. I feel a bit nauseous from rauwolscine on occasion. It crushes my appetite!

    Keep up the good work, hopefully you can hit your goal.
    PEScience Representative

  17. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    I feel a bit nauseous from rauwolscine on occasion. It crushes my appetite!

    Keep up the good work, hopefully you can hit your goal.
    Here's hoping! Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I'm wonering if I do indulge, will Friday and Saturday be enough time to flush all of the extra glycogen out of my system so that on Sunday I don't want to shoot myself when I see the obviously-false number on the scale.

    In before "How is Thanksgiving different than any other day, bunch of Americans sitting around stuffing their faces and watching football?"

  18. I would never make such a joke...

    ... when I am so outnumbered on this board.
    PEScience Representative

  19. Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    I would never make such a joke...

    ... when I am so outnumbered on this board.
    No, but seriously, Thanksgiving is different than every other day of the year because we stuff our faces with people that annoy the hell out of us that we only tolerate a few times a year.

    Also seriously, if I eat pie and sh*t on Thursday, you think Friday & Saturday'll be enough time so I don't show a crazy false number on Sunday?

  20. It varies so much from individual to individual.

    I would start the low carb/calorie part straight away so it is as close to a refeed as possible. Speaking of which, on the PES page we have just put up a study regarding calories and weight. It might be right up your street.!/pescience

    You don't need to be on Facebook to view it, just to comment.
    PEScience Representative

  21. Haha I want so bad to believe that I can eat below my maintanance of junk food and still lose weight, but I never really subscribed to the theory... even if it were true, I'd feel too dirty!

  22. Woke up this morning to my phone receiving a text message... I was supposed to meet my friend at his house and then go to the gym... slept right through the alarm... so got up, got ready in a hurry and off I went, on Thanksgiving. Banged out 30 minutes on the treadmill, and 30 minutes on the eliptical. I weighed 198 last NIGHT. I know you shouldn't do that, but sometimes I'm just seized by a neurotic impulse... so I figure I must be sitting at around 197-ish... not quite what I wanted today, so I'm going to make a serious attempt to control myself... I have another 'Thanksgiving' with friends on Sunday, anyway. I'll be a slob at that one if I'm 195 on Sunday morning. That way I have a whole week to flush out all the extra glycogen. I don't know what my bodytype is, but God, I have to mentally prepare myself before eating carbs. I retain so much water. If I go out at night and have an order of wings or GOD FORBID some freakin' pasta... I'll literally weigh 10-12 pounds more for the next two, three, even four days. I know it's not real, but it's a mind-effer.

  23. Side note: I've really got to update that avi, it's making me angry looking at it. It's about 50 pounds ago.

  24. Well. Was handed a bottle of SNS Inhibit-E today by my boy. WHY NOT?! Starting off tomorrow at 50mg, based on how Erase at 4 caps/ day did not make my joints hurt, I'm assuming I've got some estro to spare, and assuming that 50mg of Inhibit will not hurt me. If I show no ill effects, I'll bump it up to 75mg/ day. I've got high hopes for this stack.

  25. I have been slacking a little due to the holiday... still working all day and all night, still sleeping every other night, still working out fine. In fact, this is my third night working in a row, I'm running off of a single nap since the night before Thanksgiving, and I feel only slightly drained when I really should probably feel dead. I'm running off of the Get Up & Go stack only, it really helps me get up and go. Maybe the additional 200mg caffeine tab at 2:00a.m. on a break if I'm dragging a bit, but mostly the stack. I'm getting out of work tomorrow morning at 6:00a.m., picking my boy up and going straight to the gym after taking my first dose of the day, of course. This log will either be a great testament to the power of this stack, or result in my death.

    NOTE: Not prone to bacne at all, but it is out of control the past few days. Like, just, ALL over my back, some on my chest/ shoulders... some of them HURT. I can't think of any reason the supplements may be causing this, then again, I really don't know all that much about the ingredients, so, there.

    ...I did also just change my bodywash...


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