Focus flavors bro?

  1. Focus flavors bro?

    Well, simply put this is NOT review on the effects of focus xt........if it didnt work, then i dont think i would have 5+ tubs sitting in my house. This review is strictly for the flavors that i have tried *and i have tried quite a few * a lot of bulk nootropics taste very nasty, its amazing how good of a job SNS did on this product.

    Its very hard for me to pick 1 favorite flavor.....but if i had to pick a "Top 3" it would be these:

    Pink Lemonade:
    This stuff is unreal. I've gone through 2 tubs of this flavor, and have a few more sitting around to be used. To be quite honest, if you mixed this up without me knowing and just handed it to me, i would probably think it was country time just tastes that good. This flavor is absolutely perfect for those hot summer days, toss a few ice cubes in the shaker/let it sit in the freezer and turn into a slushy and sip away. very refreshing, so much so that i found myself randomly drinking the stuff simply because it tasted good.

    Blue Razz:
    Again, this stuff tastes amazing. Blue razz is probably one of my favorite flavors for supplements, and SNS did a great job with it for FXT. Tastes kind of like a slushy from Cumbies *gas station in town* This is another great flavor for hot summer days, and seems to taste better the colder you make it *but hey, this stuff would taste good even if it was luke warm* This is another flavor i found myself drinking simply for the taste

    Cotton Candy:
    I just recently got this flavor *thanks Mr.Cooper* because it was one of the few that i hadnt tried yet. Lemme say, i dont know what took me so long. At first, i thought a cotton candy flavored drink would be awkward *this is the first cotton candy flavored supp i have ever tried* but the past few days ive been drinking it, flavor seems to just continue to grow on me. doesnt exactly taste like the cotton candy you would get at a fair/whatever, but more of a "candied cotton candy" if that makes any sense

    well, now that my "top 3" are out of the way, lets jump into some of the others:

    Black Cherry/Black Berry:
    i put these two together because i found them to have slightly similar tastes. dont get me wrong, they are both VERY tasty, i just dont feel they are "up to par" with the others. my only real complain with these flavors was the food coloring issue, i tend to drink FXT a lot, but it was tough to use these and go out into public *and by public, i dont mean the gym* because even after a good brushing, there always seemed to be some coloring left in my mouth.

    Now, because ive used soo many tubs, i have also been a little creative and mixed flavors together. Heres a few that i HIGHLY suggest trying out if you have the flavors available:

    1/2 Scoop of Pink Lemonade + 1/2 Scoop of Blue Razz = flavor explosion in your mouth.
    1/2 Scoop of Cotton Candy + 1/2 Scoop of Blue Razz = almost as good as the combo above. when you mix it up it turns out this weird greyish color, but god damn does it taste good.

    Next on my list to try is the Pina Coloda flavor, really want to mix the PC and BR flavors together, i have a feeling that would be awesome

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  2. thanks for this dude. i like the mixing reviews as well. very thorough!

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