About 6 weeks ago, I shot an email to Matt requesting a sample code to access the sample portion of the website, where you can choose up to 5 different samples from a near complete product list. The very next morning I had an email from Matt with a code, and he informed me that some samples were out of stock, and it would take 2-4 weeks for the product to arrive. In my opinion, 2-4 weeks isn't even that long to wait in the first place. A bit over 3 weeks later I received a small box in the mail, where inside I found 5 samples, along with a product catalog. Unfortunately a small error occurred, and I received MycoGreen, instead of RagNOrock, which could have been my fault when choosing, but I do not recall. Either way, I was ecstatic to try each product.

Dosage: 1 Serving/5 caps w/ 2 cups water 45 mins after meal, 15 mins before bed

Initial Feeling Before Taking Somnidren: I wasn't all that tired by any means, but it was pretty late. This was only the second "sleep aid" I've ever used, the other being AI's HGH Pro, so I was hoping for a good night's sleep. I'm not one to placebo myself out, but I was/am well aware from the possible side effects.

Initially, I was aiming to take the Somnidren 30 minutes after my last protein containing meal, as recommended, but I got a bit carried away on here, and ended up taking it 45 minutes after, no big deal. After I took it, it was late, and I really didn't have anything to do before I hit the sack, so I decided to go straight to bed. I listened to the radio for about 15 minutes until there wasn't anything worth listening to on, turned the radio off, and dozed off within a few minutes (which is damn fast, even for me). About 30-45 minutes later I woke up, not positive if I slept or not at the time, and near immediately developed quite an intense GABA itch on my chest. The itch would not cease, and soon other upper body parts began to itch as well. I was forced to stand up to itch, and did so for a minute or two, until finally the itch let up. Although the GABA did cause the itch, I did not experience any shortness of breath, so I guess it was a trade off Not too long after grabbing a drink, and laying back down, I was out, once again. This time, I did not wake up for a good ~5 hours. I got up, grabbed another drink, and headed back to bed one more time. I slept for several more uninterrupted hours, and woke up feeling quite a bit more refreshed than usual (I usually do not wake up feeling too refreshed whatsoever).

Ratings (based on product points)

Maximize Recovery: 8/10 - This is one of the points that is pretty hard to review, since my view on categories such as this is that you cannot know whether or not you'd feel this way had you not taken the product. Either way, the same day I took the Somnidren, I did have a solid hard workout, and was not all too sore the next day, the only muscles that were, were the ones that were hit hard.

Combat Stress/Anxiety: As much as I'd like to rate this category, I feel I cannot, as I am probably the least stressed out people you'll ever meet, and since I was not stressed in the first place, there was no stress to be reduced

Enhance Mood: 9/10 - Honestly, thinking back on it, I did wake up in a rather good mood. Not that I always wake up in a terrible mood, I'm usually just mellow. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't giddy by any means, I just had a good rest, and therefore was in a pleasant mood.

Increase Quality REM Sleep: 9/10 - Although I did not wake up 100% refreshed, I did wake up much more refreshed than I usually do, and based on that alone, I was more than pleased with the product. I would love to go through an entire bottle and see if the resulting effects would be greater than my single use (which I'm sure they would be).

Overall: 9/10 - As I said, from what I experienced from the single serving, I was thoroughly impressed, and would love to polish off a bottle of this stuff. I feel with a longer run, the effectiveness would only rise, and I would be able to better gauge the effects.

Dosage: High carb meal, 30 mins later 1g/4 caps SNS Agmatine, 30 mins later 1 Serving/4 caps Citruvol, 30 mins later 1 serving SAN Fierce, and 30 minutes later I began my workout (I've been running agmatine + Fierce for a bit, so I'll be able to notice any added effects from the Citruvol)

I decided to dose the Citruvol about an hour before I started my workout, since a.) that's within the time recommended, and b.) I'm going to dose both Cordygen products the same way, seeing as Citruvol also contains cordyceps.

Ratings (based on product points)

Increase Nitric Oxide (teh pump): 8/10 - While I do realize that I took both agmatine, and nitrates, there was a noticeable increase in fullness and vascularity compared to my previous workouts (which did not differ from today's) with simply agmatine and Fierce.

Increase Endurance: 8/10 - Endurance wise, this product delivered. Between the three endurance ingredients, citrulline malate, beta alanine, and the Cordygen5 complex, there was definitely an increase in my endurance. My endurance and conditioning has long since vanished after I took a "break" from lifting, and I've been noting when in my workout I wear out, which is generally about 30 minutes in, and usually after deadlifts. At that time, I usually take a break, grab some water, rest for a few, then get back to it; today however, I didn't necessarily feel the need to take such a break. Don't get me wrong, there were times where I was a bit worn out and took a quick rest, but other than that, there wasn't a time where I needed to stop and catch my breath for an extended period of time. I felt as though my breathing was much slower, calmer, and smoother than it usually is while working out, it was great.

Overall: 8/10 - I feel the endurance aspect of the product is weighted in this case, however, since both categories scored the same, the score remained an 8. This is another product that I would love to run a bottle of, and I would probably double, or even triple the dose, which would take care of my beta alanine dose, and both the CM and Cordygen5 complex would be efficaciously dosed as well.

Dosage: High carb meal, 30 mins later 1g/4 caps SNS Agmatine, 30 mins later 1 Serving/3 caps Cordygen5 (even though I could have gone with 2), 30 mins later 1 serving SAN Fierce, and 30 minutes later I began my workout

Ratings (based on product points)

Maximize Endurance: 7/10 - Unfortunately, on this occasion, this product did not shine for me. I began lifting, no different than any other day, and quickly noticed that my breathing did not seem the same of what I experienced while on Citruvol. Rather, my breathing seemed quite normal, not a bad thing by any means, but not what I was hoping for. About 30 minutes in my workout after deadlifts, which is usually when I tire, I began to do just that. Again, this is nothing out of the ordinary, but nothing that I was expecting. After a rather quick break (I would say quicker than usual), I was back to it, once again. This was really the only time that I noticed any difference in my workout, then again, this specific product was geared towards longer endurance events, and for this reason, I'm excited to try Cordygen-VO2 Ultra.

Overall: 7/10 - Even though the results were a bit lacking, there were certainly results, and for that I would give it a 7. After reading other reviews on the product, it seems the product is occasionally a hit/miss situation; however, I could see the effects increasing with continued usage.

Dosage: High carb meal, 30 mins later 1g/4 caps SNS Agmatine, 30 mins later 1 Serving/3 caps Cordygen-VO2 Ultra (even though I could have gone with 2), 30 mins later 1 serving SAN Fierce, and 30 minutes later I began my workout

Ratings (based on product points)

Maximize Endurance: 9/10 - Alright, I'll just cut to the chase and say it, my workout on Cordygen-VO2 Ultra was honestly the best workout I've ever had in my life. About 1 hour after ingesting Cordygen-VO2 Ultra, and 30 minutes after taking Fierce, everything seemed to hit me. My energy was off the charts, something that is not a frequent occurrence, with any pre-workout, at any normal dose. I don't really know whether to attribute this to the Cordygen or not, but either way, I've never been hit in such a way. At this point, I knew it was time to lift, so I got to it. I started out pretty much the same way I always do, except at a much more rapid pace. After I was done with that set, I continued on to the next with minimal delay between the two. After I pumped out my remaining sets, it was on to the next workout. Again, I pushed those out with ease. My energy stayed at the level it was initially at, and my endurance was through the roof as well. My usual 1 hour workout was cut down to 45 minutes, with the feeling I could still go. There is absolutely no way I could keep up such a pace on any other day; it was a great feeling, one that I wish I could have all of the time. Something else that I should note, was the level of pumps that I experienced. Just like the energy I gained, I usually do not experience pumps of this caliber. It was actually incredibly pleasing, even though they were nearing being painful. Again, whether or not the pumps were attributed to the Cordygen, they were certainly much more present than usual.

Overall: 9/10 - Overall, I would have to give Cordygen-VO2 Ultra a solid 9/10 in my books. I would love to see if I could attain the same results I did the first time around, if not see if the results increased with further usage (which would honestly just be mind blowing).

Dosage: 1 Serving/3 caps after diner, 1 hour prior to lifting

Unfortunately, I cannot really review MycoGreen, as I would need to continue use to see any changes. I will, however, just note that I did not experience any odd tasting burps, or have any trouble getting the caps down for that matter, or really anything of the sort, so that's a positive. Other than that, I don't really have anything else to say, unfortunately.