Results from DC training with Lit Up and Sustain Alpha

  1. Results from DC training with Lit Up and Sustain Alpha

    Ive been doing DC off an on since the summer and about every month or so I will take a week off from DC and either go back to my 4 day split or use it to go heavy and max out on the compound lifts. Friday I am maxing out on bench.

    Im 5'9" 182 9% BF right now. during the summer I was 176 7% BF. Been lead bulking with a few cheat meals here and there during the week.

    about 5 weeks ago I maxed out at 325 on BB. I rep 110 DB for about 6 reps, but I wont max out on that obviously. Yesterday I went heavy on BB incline and got 250 for 6 reps, took 12 breaths (DC style kind of) then did 3 reps. I hope I can break 350 but we will see.

    Anybody who needs a spark in the gym and wants a different routine, I highly suggest trying DC training. In the middle of the summer, I was repping 225 for about 8 reps on BB bench. Now I can do 250 for about 10 - 12 reps depending on the day. I dont follow DC exactly. I use my own routine with a DC backbone. If anyone wants to know exactly what I do, just ask on here and I will post.

    I will post my results on Friday to see how DC training has done the past few weeks.

    Oh, I am on the staple supplements along with Lit Up for my pre workout and Sustain Alpha TD 5 pumps/day. Thanks for checking this out.
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  2. Good luck on the max Friday! In to see how it turns out for you. The Lit-Up definitely gives you an added kick in the gym! Loved the Peach tea tub I got!
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  3. Subbed for results.
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  4. 345 max. 20 pound increase in about 5 weeks
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  5. Subbed. I've just now started looking in to DC training to give myself a bit of a break from PHAT. Figure alternating between the two would be awesome. If you don't mind posting a typical weeks worth of exercises that would be awesome.

  6. sure. remember, i ALWAYS change up what exercise i do (BB vs DB vs Machine...etc) and reps vary anywhere from 3 - 15. this is basically what i do. i do a static hold or whatever its called at the last rep of the last set of each exercise as well. stretching throughout the entire workout as well as before and after training.

    Monday - A day

    Barbell Bench - first set - 15 reps, stretch second set - 12 reps , stretch third set 8 reps followed by 12 breaths, stretch then 4 reps, stretch

    Reverse Grip Bench (triceps) - same routine as above ^^^^

    DB incline flys - 1st set - 15 reps 2nd set - 10 reps 3rd set - 8 reps followed by a "drop set", lower the weight without pausing and do 8 reps

    Skull Crushers - 1 set - 12 reps 2nd set - 8 reps 3rd set - 5 reps followed by a "drop set" of tricep rope extension 12 reps very slow negatives

    Cardio sprinting intervals for around 15 min

    Wednesday - B Day

    Back and Biceps
    Same protocol as A day as far as reps sets. i mix up the exercises i do. have a compound lift, accessory lift for Back and Biceps

    Thursday - Squats, deadlifts and Abs
    I do about 5 sets of squats. 3 sets light and 2 sets heavy

    Friday - A day but different exercises
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  7. Try using JM Press instead of RG. Much easier on the wrists and really hits the triceps, especially the insertion.
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  8. i LOVE RG actually. i do mix in JM about every three weeks or so. for my compound movement for triceps, i rotate between JM, RG and Dips. I used to do close grip bench instead of JM but it KILLS my wrists. RG doesnt really bother my wrists. I do it on the smith.
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