Sarguy's Pre-Thanksgiving Paleo Mini-recomp (AT2, Erase, and Anabeta Style)

  1. Sarguy's Pre-Thanksgiving Paleo Mini-recomp (AT2, Erase, and Anabeta Style)

    Evening gang! I've made some progress over the last year that I've been a member here. I started out at nearly 260 lbs last October, and with diet, exercise, and smart supplementation, I've gotten as lean as 192 lbs, with a much greater work capacity.
    Here's the deal, this semester's been a pain, and I haven't kept leaning out as I'd like, weighing in at 197 lbs this morning. My intermediate goal is to get to 180 lbs, a weight not seen since high school. In addition, I'm seeing family over Thanksgiving that haven't seen me since my 255 lb days, and while that will be impressive, why not shoot for more?
    So here come the big guns! I'm tightening up my diet and pulling another run of PES' AT2 and Erase*, which did pretty good for me this last spring. In addition, I'm doing my first run of Anabeta! I'm looking forward to seeing my results.

    My complete supplement, diet, and training schedule and pics to follow.

    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

  2. Just a quick addition between classes:

    Supplementation scheme:
    Alpha T-2, 2 caps in morning, one cap before noon meal, and sometimes one more in late afternoon*
    Erase, one cap in afternoon, 1-2 caps at bed.
    Anabeta, 4 caps, spread out with meals.

    Other supps: Gaba, 2-5 gm for sleep
    Fish oil

    I would also be running DAA, LCLT, and ALCAR, but I ran out. I'll be adding these in when I get more.

    *I'm pretty stim resistant, and after experimenting with AT2 last time, 4 caps a day seems to work quite well for me.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

  3. In for high school body weights!
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  4. Diet: In the last several months, I've discovered that I feel a ton better on a Paleo/primal style diet a la the Robb Wolf camp. I've found that gluten and fructose both ignite massive cravings that used to fuel some seriously bad eating behavior, and in eliminating gluten and minimizing fructose consumption, I have no cravings, I'm not gassy, my problems with back-ne disappeared, and the skin on my knuckles was no longer red all the time.
    Those familiar with the Robb Wolf school of Paleo will probably recall the easy way to describe the diet: No grains, legumes or dairy. I've been letting my dairy consumption creep up again, and I think that's a a part of why I have been stalled out. So, for the time being, back to the squeaky clean paleo life!

    I will be eating to satiety, enjoying a wide range of meats and veggies, with an occaisional bit of fruit post-workout. A sample day will go something like this:

    Breakfast: 3 or 4 egg omlette with peppers and uncured bacon.
    Lunch: Slow cooked pork loin in El Pato sauce over greens, with natural guac or an avocado
    Dinner: Paleo meatloaf. Depending on workout time, I will have sweet potatoes with it.

    As for workout routines, I'm keeping it simple due to my busy life in school and full-time work. I have an MMA class on Mondays and Wednesdays for conditioning. On alternating days, I will be sticking to kettlebell swings, snatches, squats, and presses, as well as good ol' pullups, pushups, and planks. I'm still deciding on what sort of routine to follow, if anyone has any input.

    Measurements and pics to follow tonight after I get home.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

  5. Subbed.
    Been following paleo for 6 months now best I can. Live in japan so I get some horrid gluten exposures. But most of my auto immune disease has subsided. Still get the adverse reactions to gluten though.

    Your training looks great. I'd love to see your progress. I try to get in one to two days of judo but recently it's been a bit hard with over training lol.

    Anyway, sorry to but into your log, have a good run and I'll be paying close attention here.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  6. Judo IN Japan? Niiice! I did Judo for a couple years, but the local club is very small and didn't work w/ school and work. You're not interrupting my log at all. I welcome feedback.
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  7. Here's my measurements:
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight today: 196.6 (down from Monday's 197.8)
    Neck: 16 inches
    Bicep (relaxed): 14 inches
    Waist: 36.5
    Umbilical: 37.5

    A quick photo for the evening.

    In contrast, here's one from May, in which I was around 220 lbs or so.

    As we can see, I've made some progress.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

  8. Nice pics man!!
    And yes judo in japan lol.

    Been having to take off though because I'm so busy lately... Work takes up a lot of time lol.
    RecoverBro ELITE

  9. A quick update while I'm at work: weight this morning is 195. Workout yesterday consisted of pullups, pushups, and some planks. I noticed that my pump seems to last a bit longer with the Anabeta on board. This weekend I'm off to go hunt deer, which will be a nice source of grassfed meat if I get lucky.
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  10. Yesterday's workout consisted of walking about ten miles, sprinting about 100 yards over rough terrain, lugging a deer a couple hundred yards, and squatting for ages while I dressed it out. I'm at my parents so measurements will have to wait. Diet has been clean paleo, save for beans and gluten free cornbread last night.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:

  11. My stepfather went deer hunting for the first time this past weekend. I don't have the details yet, but I know he came home with something. It sounds like you did alright.

    Are you into fishing?

    Everything Fishing - Come On In!!!
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  12. I used to be into fishing, but after a bout of suspected food poisoning that turned out to be the stomach flu (other people who did not eat the trout got it), I can't eat trout without getting queasy. I don't mind seafood, but the outlay needed to get into steelhead fishing (a big thing in my area) makes it unappealing. Also, my wife hates fish, and every time I cook it, the house smells fishy.

    Fitness update: Nice little workout of KB swings, snatches and pullups last night. My endurance definitely seems to be improved since I started the anabeta. A friend who is prepping for the local amateur football league started anabeta last week and also noticed the same results.

    This morning's weight: 194 (down 3+ lbs )
    Diet wise, I keep slipping up and adding in dairy, but I've tightened up my nut consumption. I also did a bit of intermittent fasting last night, despite cooking green curry chicken and meatloaf. Between the paleo diet and the AT2, I just love not being hungry.
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  13. weight this morning: 192.2 lbs. Today's workout was an hour of boxing conditioning. I've been toying with taking a dose of Anebeta before bed, as endogenous test production rises during restful sleep. Therefore, I hypothesize that I could bump test production even more...
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  14. Weight this morning, 191.1 lbs. While it looks like I might not hit 185 lbs by thanksgiving, I am ok with that, as the addition of the PES stack to things have made a palpable (literally) difference in the fullness and vascularity of my muscles. Yesterday's workout was another hunting trip, walking several miles with pack, and boning out the deer I got last week.
    Sarguy's SNS TTA-500 and ALCAR-500 Log:


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