BigJoe's SNS Adrena-G (1,3 dime) Review

  1. BigJoe's SNS Adrena-G (1,3 dime) Review

    First of all I want to thank Fightback for the opportunity to give this a try.

    My prior experience with 1,3 dime is pretty limited, in that I've only experienced it in Jack3d. I didn't really care for Jack3d as a preworkout, but I did like the focus it gave, which I always associated with the 1,3 dime.

    I consider myself pretty stimulant tolerant so the recommended dose of 1 cap three times daily hasn't really had an over the top stimulant effect on me. The mental alertness was spot on. The big plus so far though has been the appetite suppression, which I didn't expect. I've been finding myself eating out of necessity as opposed to hunger which has been helpful with all of the damn Halloween candy still floating around the house. It may even help me survive the holidays for once.

    The only down side so far has been a slight crash. It's not an exhausted, sit down and fall asleep kind of crash, but it's noticeable.


    Adrena-G meets all the claims it states, with a slight crash at the end, which is the only dent in my rating. It's an incredible value at only $15 for a 30 day supply at NP. I highly recommend it to fans of 1,3 dime.
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  2. awesome man, thanks so much for the review. Nice work. hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the product.
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