Kleen's AI Sports Z3 and STOKED Review

  1. Kleen's AI Sports 3Z and STOKED Review

    First let me thank Anabolic Innovation for sending me a bottle of STOKED from a recent contest and sending a bottle of 3Z for the wife knowing she was having some sleeping issues. They were also kind enough to sent us some T-shirts. Thanks for the generous care package especially STXNAS! Here is a pic of the care package minus the shirt sent for the wife KleensQueen as you may know her.
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    Well first I will give my thoughts on 3Z, I do not have insomnia like my wife but when I take any stimulants later in the day I have a problem falling asleep. I took 3Z in a few situations so I can give a little feedback on them.

    1. Taking after not eating for a while while wide awake 30-45 minutes before bed no stimulants since morning. - I can not lie it was lights out for me 30-45 minutes after this doese and dream were petty intense. When it was time to wake up 6 hours later I did not want to get out of bed but once I got up I was fine and felt extremely rested.

    2. After having some stimulants later in the day -, I took this because I already knew I was going to have a hard time falling asleep. I had eaten about an 1.5 hours before I took the 3Z and I felt woozy or my head starting to bob about 45 minutes after taking this. My dreams were still extremely vivid and almost lucid. IE I felt like I was thinking them through. I still had an urge to stay in bed when the alarm went off but once again as soon as I got up and moving I was awake and alert.

    3. I took it after an evening workout. I used a pre-workout about 4:30 in the afternoon which will keep me up intil the wee hours most days but I thought what the hell I have sleeping stuff at home No big deal lets give it a shot. - Well I was shuttling in food as late as possible so I took the dose on a pretty full stomach. About an hour later I was sitting in bed starting to feel discouraged. I may not be able to fall asleep even with this stuff. Crap. I changed the channel to watch something different. About 20-30 minutes later my head bobbing forward woke me up and made me realizr I had passed out sitting up. So the extra food and stims slowed it down a bit but it snuck up on me and knocked me out like Mohammed Ali with his rope a dope special.

    Now I will say that I am not an insomniac and do not claim to have sleeping nor resting problems. 6 hours of sleep keeps me eneregized at all times to be honest. Every once in a while I need a little longer recharge but I am pretty good with sleep. I would rate this product excellent for someone LIKE ME.

    My wife is a true insomniac, she can not fall asleep, shut her mind down and even when she does fall asleep it is not for very long. That being said her experiences with the product differed from mine. For her 3Z succeeded in knocking her out. She passed smooth out each times she took it within 1 hour of ingestion. She also had very strange dreams and sometimes they were unfortunately disturbing. She would fall asleep about 9 pm and wake up at midnight in a very alert state and not be able to fall asleep again for quite some time. However like I mentioned she truly has insomnia. So the only thing different hear was it actually knocked her out instead of having issues falling asleep in the first place. Let's be honest even 3 straight hours of sleep for an insomniac is better than none. She would also end up falling asleep later but it did not give her a full nights sleep. Neither does Ambien Xr so you can take that as you want to.

    I will say and not knocking this product at all it works for me, but she gets better sleep on HGHPro, it is a little more expensive but it is worth it so I just bought her another bottle of that instead and I will use the 3z as needed.

    Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    STOKED about STOKED! my final review.

    Well guys the end has come on this run and it have been a very fun one. I came into this not expecting much out of STOKED! other than simply keeping my libido elevated and hormones optimized via the Resveratrol in it. Well I was pleasantly surprised when 4-5 days after starting STOKED! and having stopped a natural test booster stack of TNA and TForce I found myself getting some new pimples and I had renewed aggression and Alpha Male mentality again. I was truly surprised by this like I said I was only planning to use this as an in between stacks optimizer but had grossly underestimated STOKED! as a stand alone Testosterone Booster. I thought these feelings may subside just as quickly as they arose but they did not. I have had to wash my face twice a day to keep the extra oil at bay. My libido has remained off the chain this entire run. I have been injured and not able to reallypush any heavy weight in the gym. This is one of those moments you kind of wonder why someone is using a test booster when they can't really go hard in the gym. Well inspite of my diet going bad and my workouts being less intense I started the month just about 199 lbs and a little over 8% and finished 201 lbs with just under 8% so I must have gained a little LBM and lost some fat in spite of my looser eating and less intense workouts. To me this speaks volumes about the supplements abilities. I will also definitely be running this one the last month of my prep to help keep me dry taking advantage of it's AI properties.

    Unfortunately I can not give you any reading on strength gains as I was not training for strength during this run. I was simply trying to maintain and heal up some injuries and I slightly improved my composition in the process. However with adding some mass while not pushing extremely hard to do so I would expect strength gains to be good as well.

    Would I recommend this product to others? Absolutely, as a stand alone test booster, or a powerful addition to any natty test boosting product.

    Would I purchase and use again? Yes Definitely as I stated above I will be using this again during my prep.

    Who would I recommend this product too? That is easy, any male who wants to add muscle, increase strength, possibly drop some extra sub-q water or perform better in bed. The Icaarin in this is very strong regarding producing powerfull erections. Basically any male over the age of 30 who wants to remember what 19 felt like again. Anyone coming off of a cycle trying to naturally increase their own testosterone production.
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  2. Oh goodness. Here we go. Another epic log coming up.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Onlychevy6 View Post
    Oh goodness. Here we go. Another epic log coming up.
    No this is just my review of the products.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    No this is just my review of the products.
    LOL. yeah I kinda saw that after I posted. If my dumb butt would just read the title every know and again. LMAO...
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  5. Thank you for posting up a review for you and your wife. I've recently started switching back and forth between 3Z and HGHpro. I seem to get pretty good results from both.

    Has your wife tried HGHpro at a dose of 3 capsules? That seems to work for me and I've had others tell me that as well. It makes a bottle last 40 nights instead of 30, which is nice on the wallet.
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  6. Thanks for the detailed review! I tend to do the same thing as STX and rotate between 3z and HGHpro.

  7. Yes, she typically takes 3 because she is not as big as we are. She even gets decent results out of it with 2 when trying to stretch it but 3 was her money spot. She is working out a lot more now so I think the 3 will really do her well with recovery also.
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  8. Great review buddy. Glad both worked for you , and your wife.
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  9. Thank you for the awesome review

  10. So, how are things as of late. Are things going any smoother?
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