Ultradrol & Trenazone Help

  1. Ultradrol & Trenazone Help

    My name is Eric I have been lifting for 3 years. My Cycle history is Superdrol, Havoc, Rage RV4, Alpha One and Hdrol & Furuza stack.
    I currently got a bottle of Ultradrol and Trenazone and going to start a Cycle on Monday. Just wanted someone who has ran this product to review the Cycle and PCT for any last minute changes. Also any help or suggestions they have during the cycle like adding anything like DHEA or anything else. What should I expect from a 4 week Cycle? I have not seen any log with these two stacked.




    4 weeks

    UD 8/8/12/12
    Tren 1ml/1ml/1.5ml/1.5ml
    Cycle Assist

    Inhibit E or Nolva
    Trib 650

    Any help would be appreciated!!!! I have read logs on this product and excited to start this Cycle!!! Thanks in Advance

  2. I'm gonna run a 6 week trenazone log in february, finishing up on protomax now. I suggest you go to prohormone forum alot more info on the two products your running. BTW, would like to see a log your run

  3. Make sure you run a serm and some p5p and vitex, you should add some L-Dopa too. Trenazone has me really shutdown which is understandable but prolactin sides in regards to tren dick will happen if you aren't careful. I would suggest HCG too for that stack, it will be a rough PCT if you don't run it on cycle. Just my personal experience, in week 5 now. Results are awesome above 2mL dose btw.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

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