Thanks to Grambo and Purus for the tub of MM, sorry for the delay; acquired some rhabdomyolysis and was put out for 5 weeks. Worst thing ever, now I am back to light lifting with the help of MM to keep me energized.

I do half scoops, as I don't need more than 150mg caffeine and 40mg 1,3dim or I'll be stimmed out. So my thoughts are based on 1/2 scoop in 8oz water.

Taste: 7/10
This is definitely an improvement over Grape MM, much better and I don't think I'd get as sick of the flavor as I did with Grape MM.

I get the lime and sour part from the "Cherry Limeade", but not much cherry, or at least real tasting cherry. The cherry part reminds me of NO Shotgun Black Cherry, which was pretty fake and bad last time I had it years ago. So more real tasting cherry flavor would be appreciated.

I'd say I'm spoiled by Focus XT flavoring, since I get to sip on those all the time, so my flavor standards are a little elite. For example I'd rate Pink Lemonade Focus XT an 8/10 for comparison to MM. Black Cherry a 9/10.

Energy: 10/10
Obviously the stims are going to provide great energy and focus. With 1/2 scoops I don't get stimmed out and crash, full scoop I definitely would, it's all about tolerance. I still get the MM "high" about 15mins after taking it, lol.

Mixability: 8/10
Decent mixability with just the BCAAs remaining undissolved, which is typical.

The creatine is dosed a little high, but it's nice because you could use MM as a main creatine source on workout day. Beta alanine at 2000mg is nice as well. I can get ~50 servings out of the tub, and it can be found for $24.95, so it's a pretty good deal.

I'll be reporting back on my thoughts of the flavor as I slowly go through this tub.