Cellucor C4 Blue Raspberry

  1. Cellucor C4 Blue Raspberry

    Cellucor C4 Blue Raspberry
    So I’ve always been a fan of C4, I tried it during the beta launch before it was even out and loved it. Than tried the final product and loved it. I used to like 1,3 DiMehthyl… than it started giving me weird side effects. The stuff really gives a great punch but it just wasn’t worth it so I’ve stayed away from such products. Than Cellucor updated the formula without that in it! So I got to try it again.

    I received my C4, and the next day opened it up and was surprised I expected the power to be blue (because its blue raspberry) but it wasn’t. So it put me on edge, than I mixed it with absolutely no problems what so ever, most leave a weird residue or don’t mix perfectly but this did. So I took a sip….wow the flavor is unreal, it by far is the best flavor I’ve ever tried. I like C4’s flavors but this hands down takes the flavor as the best! It has a blue Gatorade mixed with a raspberry after taste!

    Next I went to the gym to see if this could stand up to the old formula. The first thing I noticed (On 1 scoop!) was that I was more alert and focused. I started hitting the weights for my Friday full body day. I was an absolute animal, nothing but weights and reps! I supersetted a bunch because I got a great rush from it! The focus kept me on nothing but the weights…well maybe some of the girls in the gym.

    The next great thing that came on was the pump. I was doing full body and the moment I touched my bi’s they exploded, than everything else started feeling more full. I was looking a lot bigger than I normally do without a pump product, I love nitrates and its nice this formula has it in it!

    The best part is 2 hours after the gym still no crash and feeling great!
    So in the end we have:

    -Amazing Flavor
    -No 1,3…
    -Great energy on 1 scoop
    -Great focus
    -Unreal pumps
    -No Crash

    Can it get better? We’ll see Cellucor you’ve done great so far!

  2. I also love this new C4... had a few samples from my gym where I work (ok more like 20 samples).. and will be getting a tub of it

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