Athletic Edge Nutrition Stack Review

  1. Red face Athletic Edge Nutrition Stack Review

    Hey Everyone,

    This is my first post so I wanted to let everyone know what I thought about this stack. I actually won this stack, so it was nothing I paid for or was paid to write a review for. It consisted of IntraXcell, Creatine-RT, Intrabolic & Pre-Surge.

    About Me:
    10% BF
    Lifting for 10 years

    This is supposed to a more advanced form of Beta Alanine. Now I was taking Allmax Nutrition Beta Alanine before this product, so I wanted to see if I saw any different from taking this one. First, it was in pill form, which usually tells me that it's going to cost 2x as much and last 1/2 the time. I usually buy powder. I really didn't notice any difference when switching to this from my other straight Beta Alanine. I wasn't going around getting up extra reps. I sure it did just as well as my powdered Beta Alanine, but no reason to pay more for this formula, when the straight cheaper kind works just as good.

    Recommendation: Pass

    Creatine RT
    Now this has Russian Tarragon Extract in it...which is supposed to allow you not to need any sugar/carbs with it. Well I was just taking my plain old creatine monohydrate with my post workout drink which has 50 grams of carbs anyway, so this is supposed to be just as good as doing it that way. Well the problem is that this stuff costs 3x as much. I can buy creatine monohydrate for about $20 and have it for 3 months. This would be better for someone on a low calorie diet and trying to stay away from carbs, but anyone taking in carbs during the day or post-workout, I would just stick with regular creatine monohydrate. On a positive note, the taste of the watermelon is awesome. Really refreshing.

    Recommendation: Pass, unless you are on an ultra low calorie / carb diet

    This is another pre-workout supplement. I chose this one because it didn't have the 1,3 dime in it. I think they have a version that does as well. I feel like **** after taking that 1,3 so I am glad they have this version available. The taste is alright, I had the citrus flavor...I would definitely go with the watermelon next time. I got a great amount of energy taking this. Just the right amount of stims taken about 30min before my workout. Pump...well I am not a big believer in pump ingredients really working. I think the stims give me extra energy which makes me work out harder therefore giving me a bigger pump. So, yes I got a pump from this product.

    Recommendation: If you are looking to try a pre-workout supplement, definitely try this

    This is an amino acid supplement to take intra workout. It has all the essential amino acids, which is definitely a most others you see out there have only 3. Now it comes from hydrolyzed whey, which I don't really like...I much prefer hydrolyzed casein, but either way, this supplement is better than most others on the market. But with any amino acid supplement, if you are eating enough during the day and not on some low calorie diet, you really don't need an amino acid supplement. You can get all the aminos you want from food. The taste is pretty freaking good...not too sweet...but a unique berry flavor.

    Recommendation: One of the better amino acid supplements I have seen, but only really need if you are on a low calorie diet

    Well this is my first review, so let me know what you think. Thanks!

  2. nice review here.well done

  3. Thanks!

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