Cabergolean and ERGO-BLITZ log

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    Cabergolean and ERGO-BLITZ log


    I purchased the Cabergolean and ERGO-BLITZ about 3 weeks ago and was really happy with the results, so I emailed NRC to let them know about my satisfaction. They asked if I would post the results and log my progress and at first I was hesitant (due to time constraints) but then I saw anabolic minds has an App for my iphone so I figured I could somehow make the time.

    3 weeks ago I was 243lbs and about 16%BF. In the 3 weeks since starting the Cabegolean and ERGO-BLITZ combo I have gained about 2 pounds and my BF% is 15.

    Not that might seem significant but I had been stuck at 239-240lbs for about 6 months. I have been trying to get up to 250 but stay less than 16-18%BF. So I would say that the products have helped in this regard and I also can notice a difference big time in the mirror. I am starting to see my lower abs again which I have not really seen in about 3 years.

    My strength has improved but I just started lifting heavy again last month so it could be muscle memory. But my bench is back up to 275 for 5 reps of 5 sets which I have not been able to do in about a year due to a shoulder injury. I am also squating 315 for 4 reps of 10 reps whcih is an improvement for me.

    I have been taking 4 caps of the Cabergolean before bed and it has helped big time with my sleep! I have not had this good of sleep in forever!!! I also take 4 caps before I work-out on the days I train.

    The ERGO-BLITZ I take 2 scoops right before I train with about 16oz of water and that lasts me most of my work-out.

    The biggest improvement I have noticed is the energy I have during my workouts! I can work-out for hours! I usually workout 4 times per week for about 2 hours per session. I have on a few occasions found myself at the gym for almost 3.5 hours. The energy does not seem to go away?! And there is zero crash after I workout. I also seem to have a lot more energy throughout the day as well.

    I have been using supps now for about 10 years, and for a non-stimulant/ non-hormonal product I have never used anything that has given me the energy for my training and helped me recover like these products have.

    I am not sure how often I will be able to get back here and post, so that is why I was so long winded.

    Much love.


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    welcome glad to have ya here

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