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    Hey guys just got the above stack purchased, in the mail, on the way. Very excited!!
    Right now, I just got done w/ two natural bodybuilding shows. dieted for about 11-12 weeks, then for another 2 or so weeks ive been eating still really clean, somewhat dieting still. I'm slowly adding new foods back into my diet, and I'm getting stronger. This new stack should fire gains right up! I'll get more info w/in the next few days..
    As of this morning i was 170lbs and probably... b/w 6-8% bf. Just looking at the mirror. Can see sep in my legs still abs are pretty damn sharp can see obliques and whatnot..
    any ?s


  2. In for the ride Ace. Glad to be of help choosing your stack.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist


  3. Subbed. Good luck.

  4. hopefully you will be able to start this Monday. Have you ordered AnaBeta yet?
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  5. I have ordered anabeta i did it at the same time... Not sure when the appnut box is on its way out but i got anabeta from amazon and it said it will be here b/w the 7th and the 10th... so thursday at the latest.

  6. AppNut usually ships within 3 days. sometimes it takes longer though. They are based out of North Carolina so depending where you live....
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  7. Subbed! Ought to make some nice gains with that stack.

  8. thats for sure. AB + IGF 2 is legit for bulking
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  9. So apparently the appnut stuff will be here by friday. All I have to say is I'm impressed w/ the speed of delivery. Anabeta off of Amazon.com wont be here till anywhere between monday and thursday

  10. any dosing reccomendations for said stack?I know it says it on the bottle but is it ok to take igf and ab @ the same time prew/o and post w/o ??

  11. yeah AppNut ships really fast. Not sure when Free Test will arrive. if its not there by Monday, PM me and I'll check on it.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  12. Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    any dosing reccomendations for said stack?I know it says it on the bottle but is it ok to take igf and ab @ the same time prew/o and post w/o ??
    IGF you want to take upon wakening and at bed time. Personally, any product with L-dopa messes up my sleep. So when I run IGF-2, I take it upon wakening and 90 minutes pre-workout. See what works for you.

  13. @r1balla will it all be in one box? (the appnut stuff that is)

  14. Just got my 10lbs of dextrose powder in the mail =)

  15. @r1balla Got all my appnut stuff brother, good lookin out!!
    All i have to do now is wait for the Anabeta.. If i am correct, I have 30days of IGF2, 25 days of free test, 20 days of LITUP (2 scoops) and 30days of the anabeta.. So it would make sense to start taking them all at the same time... So i'm going to wait 1-2 more days for the AB to arrive.

    As far as dosing goes...
    The bottles say 1 capsule 4x daily for the AB and IGF2, and FT..
    Just evenly spread em out w/ meals??
    Or any suggestions?

  16. everybody prefers different dosage timing that works best with their bodies. this is what I would do that would work for me. I workout around 4PM so the dosage with anabeta revolves around that

    AB - 1 with breakfast 1 with lunch 1 pre workout 1 post workout
    ( i have seen logs where people have taken 2 AB pre workout and 2 AB post workout. find what you like and keep carbs high for best results from AB)

    IGF 2 - First dose with breakfast Second dose at bedtime (you will see an amazing sleep)

    Lit Up - 2 scoops pre workout

    - Regarding Lit Up: For some people, they feel it very very fast (10 min) and for others it takes 30 min so you will have to find how you react to it. You can even start with 1 scoop and see how you like it and how you react. Your call.

    Free Test - first dose upon waking second dose about 1 hour pre workout

    - Regarding Free Test: I know products are expensive so if you can not do this, no worries....but you will really see better results off of two bottles of Free Test. If you decide to do this, let me know and maybe you i can get another tub of Lit Up to add to your stack to make 40 days of 3.1g of DAA with two bottles of Free Test for better results and combat the potential DAA estro sides. If you want to stay with just one bottle, thats totally fine also. Or you can just purchase another bottle. If you want to order another bottle from AppNut, PM me or any other rep for the 40% OFF coupon.

    Stack looks good, glad you got your AppNut stuff quickly. AppNut appreciates your order for sure. I look forward to seeing this log explode.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  17. If you dont want to get another tub of Lit Up but want a few more days of it to even out the Lit up/Free Test days, PM me and Ill get some samples sent your way to last you the last few days of the stack.

    btw, what flavor of Lit Up did you get?
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  18. Looks to be a quality stack, look'n forward to the feedback.

  19. cool dude! i got cherry citrus litup
    Im gonna see how this is goin rt now and figure **** out.. But youre saying to take two freetest tabs at a time? and two igf2 at a time?

  20. last thing you need to know before you start the stack:

    AnaBeta will make you very very thirsty so continue to drink water (i know you probably already do...but just in case). If you feel like your dehydrated or your mouth is dry, its normal and increase your water intake.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  21. Quote Originally Posted by aceroni View Post
    cool dude! i got cherry citrus litup
    Im gonna see how this is goin rt now and figure **** out.. But youre saying to take two freetest tabs at a time? and two igf2 at a time?

    IGF 2 - 4 caps per serving. 4 caps in the morning 4 caps at bedtime

    Free Test - a few options. 4 caps in the morning with your meal, or you can split it up. But 3,7 keto, i believe, has a half life of about a day or so. so that being said, there really is no point in splitting up the dosage, but its an option you can do (i do it, no reason for it though). So if you dont split it up, take 4 caps with breakfast. if you split it up, take 2 caps with breakfast then 2 caps about an hour before you train
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  22. Ended up going to a concert last night.. so that means i was dancing for a good 4ish hours.. didnt really miss a meal though, had a big sandwhich before i went in, snuck another sandwhich and two burritos in.. ate the 2nd sandwhich 1/2way thru, burritos at the end.. Regardless I wokeup this morning 170lbs dry and lean =)

    Other news.. AB just came in. I'm going to go to the store today and get some supplies.. (sweetpotatoes, ground beef, veggies).. Probably get this train rollin monday morning!

  23. I'm going to see how i feel 1-2 weeks in, and decide if I want to get another tub of litup and freetest.. No problem w/ running it that much longer right??

    So I've been done w/ my contests for the last 2-3 weeks and Ive been eating really clean.. My Macros were sitting at about P:280 C:315 F:80... With my fats being 20g from eggs in the am and about 60 from ground beef and nattypb before bed.. So the cals were approx 3100.. From eating this my weight has been sitting consistent between at 170 for this time period..
    I'm probably going to continue eating clean, but r1balla you were saying to up my carbs for AB...
    I'm thinkin about eating mostly like this.. Probably up everything just the slightest bit (carbs mostly), or start throwing 2-3 planned cheat meals in a week.. thoughts?
    My goal for this stack is to gain 7-10lbs.. A little bit of bodyfat is fine, as it promotes strength... but i'm not turning into the michellen man either.

  24. The only reason i said to increase your carbs is because when i took anabeta, as well as many others, experienced better results while doing this.
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  25. I'm thinking about actually taking a deload/light week right before i start this stack.. Should refresh me, and make me stronger for the upcoming 4ish week assault


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