Clickster's Journey to 6 Weeks Stim Free

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    Exclamation Clickster's Journey to 6 Weeks Stim Free

    I have been consuming 1-2 Rockstar Energy drinks a day for about 5 years.

    I have tried to quit stims a few times and would never make it past 1 day. I would usually wake up after the first full day without stims with a headache out of this world. This would lead me to get the closest stim into my body ASAP for relief.

    I decided to start a log with the hope that it will help me achieve this goal. It will provide me a place to write down and vent the difficulties experienced and the temptations of that day.

    I will not be consuming any food/drink/supplement/pill that contains stims for 6 weeks. (Hopefully.)

    I realize creating a log to follow the progress of this may seem a little extreme. However, this is important to me and has always felt impossible to accomplish. As I said, in the last 5 years I have only made it 1 full day.

    I consumed a Zero Carb Rockstar(16 oz @ 240mg caffeine.) & 2 Diet Mountain Dew(12oz x2 @ 55mg caffeine. x2) today.

    DAY 1 will begin upon waking up in the morning...
    I'm Back...

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    Ultima Ultima Ultima. The stim-free energy blend works wonders for the brutal first month.

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