Gave the Cabergolean and ErgoBlitz combo a try.

  1. Gave the Cabergolean and ErgoBlitz combo a try.

    Hey everyone,

    Had the chance to try the combo of Cabergolean and Ergo-Blitz together. Cabergolean is a pretty rounded formula, so I was pretty open to what effects I might receive from it. I dosed it pre-workout and pre-bed at 4 caps each time. The Ergo-blitz replaced intraworkout BCAAs and was used at one scoop.

    A bit about where I am currently. About 2 months ago I was around 210 at maybe 13/14%, since then I have had alot going on in life, including taking the LSAT (which required a ton of my time being devoted to studying), and being back on the job hunt after a recent lay off. Mix in these events with the accompanying stress, and you led to me making excuses about workouts, and eating like ****. Here I am now around 200 at a similar, maybe 1% higher, bf. So I am back to hitting the gym and eating.

    As with any return to the gym after a period of a break, muscle soreness became a big factor. This was probably my most noticeable effect of using this combo, is that almost immediately my recovery became significantly better. The transition from workout to workout began to feel alot smoother.

    I usually use BCAAs intraworkout, or MAP, so I am used to this effect, but it was definitely compounded between the two products. The taste of ergo-blitz is actually a bit suprising. It is incredibly light, which is good because as an intra workout drink it is able to maintain it's ability to provide refreshment. The combo also seems to have increased intraworkout pumps to a pretty good degree.

    I did have some more restful sleep with the pre bed cabergolean, but it would be hard for me to go into detail on this one as my sleep has been sporadic as of late as my mind seems to be all over the place.

    With this said, I think these products provide a great deal of synergy, especially in the recovery department. Definitely worth giving a shot.
    Just inject.

  2. nice review here

  3. Study! I'll have to talk to you about this.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy View Post
    Study! I'll have to talk to you about this.
    You got email.
    Just inject.

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