Wheytobuildmuscle : Rocky Road Review :-P

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    Wheytobuildmuscle : Rocky Road Review
    Hey guys!
    I recently picked up one of ther new flavors up at the shop and I was pleasantly surprised as how great it tasted and felt I should make a review on it.

    Its rare I would say this for a protein drink but; I would drink this one just for the taste! :-P
    I already love the wheytobuildmuscle because of its great amino acid profile and it is a blend of 60% iso, 30% concentrate and 10 % soy which I love.

    Anyway I had my first drink out of my 5lb bag and thought it was Amazing! A lot better than I expected for a protein drink! I immediately made one for my gf to try.
    She also agreed with me this one is the best one so far out of the needtowhey line up we have used.

    Rating 1-10 (10 being best)
    Taste: 10 *no doubt*
    Thickness: 9 *not too thick, pritty thin, which I like because I take in a lot of shakes every day, so the need for less water is a plus for me*
    Mix ability: 9 * one of the easiest ones to shake up from the needtowhey line*
    Cost to worth: 10 * definitely a great buy if you’re looking for a protein powder *

    It is now my favorite no doubt!

    My top four are:
    1 Rocky road
    2 cupcake batter
    3 cinnibun
    4 chocolate fudge
    I highly recommend you guys try out at least one of the wheytobuildmuscle and if you can the rocky road first! :-P

    ps. I now know I need to get 15lb at a time of this one, along with the other flavs because its almost gone and I opened it up 4 days ago! lol
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  2. great review here.I was wondering about this one.thanks

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