Week 4 Andromass/epi - unbelievable!

  1. Week 4 Andromass/epi - unbelievable!

    Hey everyone, I am currently nearing the end of week 4 of my andromass/epi-strong cycle and originally I wasn't going to write a review or log about it but so far it has been so amazing I felt compelled to share my experience on here. A while ago I did a review for androhard/androlean and unfortunately did not get to finish it because of some personal issues that came up. However, my experience with those two andro products encouraged me to purchase andromass and give it a try. Now you may be wondering why I chose to throw the epi-strong into the mix.I did this because I have run epistane in the past and absolutely love it. On epistane i experienced great strength and endurance gains, and on top of that PCT was a breeze. On top of my love for epi, I wanted to discover how much more effective the androseries delivery system increases the absorbtion of other hormones, like epi. Finally, Epi will be run for 6 weeks total dosing as follows 15/15/30/30/45/45. Andromass will be run at the standard 4 week dose of 3 pills morning and 3 pills 6-8 hrs later. The reason I am extending epi at a higher dose at the end is that I feel that it will help me solidify the gains made from the combo. My workout consists of one muscle group a day 6 days a week, with boot camp monday and wednesday and a 5 mile run on saturdays. My diet is fairly clean with around 350-400 grams of protein and 2500-3000cal a day. I will also be supplementing with various pre-workouts (neurocore, flashover, no-xplode 2.0). I will also be taking protein evolution protein powder post workout and before bed every day. Similarly, I will be taking cycle assist, fish oil,mega-men multivitamin, juice plus, and Liv52 for support. For PCT i play to run torem at 90/90-60/60/30 as well as the Testosterone Recovery Stack and TCF-1 if necessary.

  2. What were your results?
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  3. Sorry everyone for the delay.. I have finished my log and best organized my progress pictures and weekly notes. I was amazed by this cycle and so far PCT has been a breeze!

    Here is a pre cycle picture

    Starting weight 172.5

    Name:  IMG_0325.JPG
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Size:  58.1 KB

    Week 2
    Weight 176.2
    Name:  IMG_0341.JPG
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Size:  37.8 KB

    Week 3
    Name:  IMG_0346.JPG
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Size:  47.1 KB

    Week 4
    Weight: 184.6
    Name:  IMG_0351.JPG
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Size:  34.9 KB

    Week 5/6

    Name:  IMG_0359.JPG
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    Final weight 192.6

  4. I have an enormous thesis paper due at the end of the week, but in my spare time/right after I hand in the assignment I will post my detailed week-by-week analysis. Bottom line, Andromass worked great for me and was an awesome "test base" for Epistane. Acne, oily skin, mild loss of libido, and agression were the sides but comparative to the gains well worth it. I give it an 8.5/10
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  5. Any chance we can get that analysis soon?
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