I wanted to thank Eric and the guy's at Taurus for the opportunity to beta test their new M1P. I was an extremely active member here for years but over the past 2-3 years I started my family and career so have not been posting as much, but still lurking around the forum. My old name on here was john123131 when i was a rep with both Palo Alto and RPN so hope to see some old faces in here, and some new AM members too.

My goal for M1P is to make some lean muscle gains while maintaining my body fat around where it is right now. As of today, Tuesday October 18th, my stats are:

Height : 5'9.5
Weight 181lbs
Bf % : 11.0%
Diet - now around 2600 - 2800 calories day, will increase when i start. I am very active outside of the gym with training, hockey and running conditioning programs with hockey teams.

Day 1 - Back/bi
Day 2 - Cardio
Day 3 Chest/tri
Day 4 off
Day 5 Legs
Day 6 Shoulders/abs
Day 7 - off

I pretty much do cardio everyday through some type of sport, on day 2 i like to run the local trails here, bike or rollerblade.