The boys over at AI were kind enough to send me the large tub of RecoverPro to use while coming off cycle. I wanted to see how taking in BCAAs effected my endurance and recover in comparison to being on cycle. Now i knew there would be a drop, i simply wanted to see how much of an effect RecoverPro would have. In the past i've avoided BCAA products simply because of cost. They were always something that i felt i could get away with not using and putting the money to more staples. As of now though, AI might have me hooked.

Taste: 9
Have to say, i love the taste of the Red Raspberry flavor. I've always been a fan of that flavoring, but AI did it quite well. I don't like intras or pre workouts that are overly sweet as it messes with my stomach, but AI did a great job here. The flavor comes off tangy more than sweet. I had no issue drinking this both before and during a workout. I can mix 2 scoops in a shaker and it tastes great, or dilute it in a bigger container and it still tastes good.

Mixability: 10
Had no problems mixing this product. Nothing floating around or sifting to the bottom.

Recovery/Endurance: 9
I had to think pretty hard as to the rating i gave for this category, but i think they deserve a 9. With the way my day is set up, i have my 2 biggest meals after my workout. I typically have a decent breakfast and a good pre workout snack, but up untill i work out i maybe get 50g protein and 1k cals. Because of this, BCAAs really did improve endurance and recovery for me. The recovery aspect was affected because i am not one of those guys who ingests a ton of protein daily. I hover around 100g. While using this tub there have been days when i've forgotten to pack RecoverPro and i did notice a faster time to fatigue during sets.

I'd like to specifically thank Stxnas for sending this out to me. During the usage i both cut my right hand pretty bad and strained a bicep and shoulder. Kinda made for a jank log, but in reality the results were the same every day. I love using the RecoverPro and that didn't change. I still have some of the tub left which i use every workout, and i WILL be buying more when i run out.

I'd like to add one more thing. One of the biggest factors regarding the greatness of RecoverPro is the price point. 125 servings for 30 bucks or less. That's insane. You really can't find a better deal than RecoverPro.