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Okay here we go. I am sitting in a hotel room in Erie PA, working on a paper and taking a break to write this up.

I will write down what I think each product did for me.

This was a great experience, especially coming of such a successful cut where I was afraid of gaining fat back.

I ate like total trash (for me meaning pizza, not so healthy sandwhichs, etc) for so much of the 30 or days I was on the two. I gained very little if any fat back and got a good amount of strength back I lost on my cut and to life.

Example bench went from 225 x 6 before to 225 x 10. Deadlift 315 x 6-8, 315 x 10, 365 x 2-3.

weight went from 168-169 to 173 - 174 depending on the day. Okay now for the good stuff.

Pumps 9/10 - When I ate a good amount of complex carbs 1 - 1.5 hours before a life I had some great pumps that lasted most the day, really met my expectations here very happy.- Credit glycobol

Vascularity- 8/10 Had some moments of great vascularity when on this stuff, including the best calf veins I have ever seen for myself. Mostly crediting Glycobol but have no doubt Ursobolic played a role.

Strength: 7/10 For the frist few weeks I was battling stim withdrawal hard so my strength was down way more than I was comfortable with. Hard to be god and ECA and then be a mortal again starting that next Monday.

Weight gain: N/A - I was not really trying to gain much, only 5 pounds which is about what I gained minus a pound. Looking about as lean as before and fuller I would say.

Not getting fat - 9/10 Okay so I made this category up but in the past coming of a cut and into a quasi-bulk I have undone much of my progress. Not the case this time. As I said before I ate badly for most of these four weeks and did not get fatter, and if I did (which I probably did just a tad) was very minimal, like surprisingly so. I ate and drank way more than I am proud of at times to little consequence, feels great. After coming of that cut I really let myself go, thankfully Glycobol and Ursobolic were there to pick up the pieces for me.

Sides: Some GI sides with, I want ti say both as I still have a little going on nearly a week off of glycobol. It was nothing I couldnt handle and had no green stool. Only had two ursobolic smoke cloud burps due to lack of food, none in public. Felt a heat/thermo effect when I first started ursobolic but have not had any since week one. Very low sides.

Overall 9/10 - Would recommend to anyone, so versitile and I think you could go a few different directions, both very solid products that I will use again. This really turned into a recomp for me, all while I ate poorly I am actually still on Ursobolic at 12 caps per day.

A word on Ursobolic dosing: I did my first 3 bottles at 15 caps per day and was loving it, then at week 4 dropped down to 9 caps per day. I did not notice much a difference but would say I was more vascular at 15 caps and could get 'away' with more in my diet. I have re-upped dosage to 12 following the end of glycobol and have not noticed a difference. I think (broscience) that Ursobolic should be 'jump started' at a higher dosage of 15-18 caps per day for the first 3 weeks and can then be lowered. Thats just how I feel.

Was a really good experience, and think I will always use Ursobolic when coming off a cut to prevent fat gain while I stabilize. Glycobol was amazing product for lasting pump and vascularity and think it can be used either cutting, bulking or recomping. The effects of glycobol are so aparent when taken 30 mins before a high low-gi carb meal for me. I also must say that I feel like if you come of a cut and want to do some serious binge eating (lets be real) glycobol can be a real good friend to you and your physique. I am real glad I made the choice to run these when I did, because I plan to do another 4-6 week long cut starting mid December.

I will try and answer any question you guys have and thanks to everyone who followed!
Thank you for the Great review!!