Quick Review Of SAN Fierce (Tangy Orange & Wild Cherry)

  1. Quick Review Of SAN Fierce (Tangy Orange & Wild Cherry)

    So Poison was nice enough to send me 4 packets of SAN Fierce. 2 of each flavor. I'm big on pre-workouts so I was excited to try this out.

    Some preworkouts that i've used in the past: SuperPump250, Super Charge Xtreme, NO-Xplode, NO-Shotgun, NaNo Vapor, Muscle Marinade, Dark Rage, Jack3d, N2KTS, Pump Fixx, Lit-Up, Focus XT, Noxipro, White Flood v1 & v2, Neurocore, + more that I can't recall.

    Please be advised that I have a high stimulant tolerance. And I probably should have taken a stim-break before trying this out

    Mixability: 7/10 It mixed together easily, but no matter how long I let it sit, or how much I shook it up, there was still residue sitting at the bottom. Residue didn't hinder the taste very much until the last couple sips, where you had to simply "gulp" it down, rather than saver the taste.

    1st Trial: 1 Packet Tangy Orange w/ EXACTLY 12oz water

    2nd Trial: 2 Packets Wild Cherry w/ 22oz water

    Taste: 8/10 (For Both) The taste was good to me. I enjoyed the tanginess of the Orange, but there was another taste in there that was very strong. Like a "wheat-grass" kind of taste, idk what it was. It didn't bother me that much, but the overall flavor would have been MUCH better if that strange taste wasn't there.

    Another comment i'll make is: For those people who like to take their preworkout with minimal water, I feel like the flavoring is SO strong, that it would be unpleasantly bitter with say, ~4oz of water/serving. Obviously I could be wrong (because I didnt try), but Im just making an assumption off of my experience.

    The Wild Cherry Flavor was good. Wasn't nearly as tart/bitter as the Orange. Didn't taste like chemicals, flavor was enjoyable. No real complaints, but nothing sent me raving. The "wheat-grass" taste that I noticed in the Tangy Orange, wasn't as prevalent in the Wild Cherry.

    I will make a complaint about the recommended 12oz water / serving. When I took 2 servings with 22oz of water, it was SOOO MUCH damn water that I was pissing NON-STOP throughout my workout.

    My Experience: Well to be honest I noticed nothing. On trial 1, I took 1 packet. It was as if I didn't take anything at all. I needed something to pick me up that day, but instead, I was going through the motions and not having a strong workout.

    On trial 2, I used 2 packets at once. I still noticed nothing. If anything it felt like I took 1/2 a scoop of my normal preworkout. Struggled to work up a sweat. And I suffered trying to work out at my usual intensity.

    Stomach Issues: 10/10 This was stellar. I'm hit or miss with supplements and how my stomach will react. Half of the stuff works, and the other half gives me nausea and diarrhea. Well Fierce gave me ZERO stomach problems. I found this very odd because typically when a preworkout doesn't work, then next symptom to come is nausea, followed by diarrhea. But nothing happened. This lead me to think that this product could work for me if i took some time off of stims.

    Overall: 7/10 It seems like a well-put-together product. I don't have any real complaints. Im well aware of my stim-tolerance, and it's always a gamble trying out a new preworkout without taking a stim-break.

    Thanks again Poison...Hope this semi-review is ok, lol...
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  2. Thanks, brother!

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