Okay! As promised, here are the cursory results from the first bottle.

I initially sought to use Ursobolic to stave off atrophy in much the same way as Truthornothin did in his log (linked to above, I can't post links yet). My plan was to zig-zag my caloric content, with three hard 'cutting' days and four moderate 'bulking' days. This works out best for my work schedule.

I only got about a week into doing this when I got tired of cutting and reversed course--from about 10/14 onward it was basically a solid block of bulking, with minimal days running a caloric deficit.

Beginning weight was some 184; ending weight, 188. (I'm still 'on', this just marks the end of the first bottle)

I monitor two exercises very closely for limit strength; I train with Westside methodologies for these groups (on bench and squat), here are my limit strength changes:

Below parallel squat (base): 355
Below parallel box squat (currently): 385

1RM Bench press (base): 245
1RM Bench press rack lockout (bar touches chest when I arch; currently): 255

These are notable gains for me; both lifts are new PRs that I haven't been able to get close to for a good period of time. Both of the new exercises (box vs. normal squat, rack press vs. bench press) are harder for any given weight due to the negation of any stretch reflex.

Some other exercises I have logged include EZ bar curls. Started at 95 for 10; about a week ago I hit 14 with the same weight. Went up to 105 for 10 today.

I quit doing OHP's and replaced them with Hammer strength behind the neck presses. Started with about 70 pounds per side for 12; currently I'm doing 90 for the same reps. I just do Westside RM for shoulders and back, keeps things simpler. I should note that considering the novelty of this exercise, much of the progress could be due to neural adaptations, rather than muscle hypertrophy.

Neutral grip pullups went up as well, from about 12 to 14.

One arms dumbbell rows exploded. Went from around 10 reps with 90 pounds to 15 with 100.

Phase 2:

I've got what I wanted out of 3-6 pills a day; I'm going to see if my gains accelerate/stall with an increased dose. I'm still going to take the pills in the same manner, but I'm going to 5 at a time. This means I'll be taking 5/10 pills, the latter figure on my workout days.

Thusfar I am quite impressed with my progress. I look forward to the next month or so; likely I will dial back the calories somewhat (noting when i do so). This product will really impress me if I can continue to make strength gains with a more prominent block of 'cutting' days.

Thanks again for the support, everyone.