RAHL~Anabeta/Dermacrine Unsponsered Adventure

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  1. To be honest I've never run any of the things in this stack so I'm not entirely sure what is working so well. Titanium is basically just Fenugreek and LCLT. The DAA is Pure Test at only 500mg a day. And I'm running Erase at 3 caps ED. I have NEVER been this strong though. Some of that is joints being healthy for a change. I did a whole lot of low weight stuff for months to get ready for this.

    Tuesday: Back/Bi's

    Another rushed one because I had my daughter's parent teacher conference last night.

    Elliptical Warmup 10 mins-1.15 miles

    Wide Grip Pullups: 8,7,6
    Deads: 135x15,185x10,225x8,275x7,295x 5,305x4 <PR!!

    Preacher Curls: 75x15,95x10,95x7
    Incline DB Curls: 35x8,35,8,35x8

    I had an almost painful pump in my lower back after those deads. I switched to N2AMP for my preworkout and the pump was ridiculous. It also kept me up until 1:30 AM. LOL

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  3. Chest/Tri

    I had to go to db's today because I didn't have my training partner. My shoulders were really tight walking in so I was a bit worried about going heavy with DB's but I just kept stretching them and it worked out o.k.

    DB Bench: 55x15,70x10,100x5,100x7,100x6 <PR for reps
    BB Decline: 225x6,225x5,225x2 <fail. LOL
    Decline Cable Fly: 50x15,50x15,50x15 SS w/ Bent Cable Fly 50x6,50x5,50x5

    Skull Crusher: 90x12,90x12,90x10
    Vbar Push Down; 120x12,120x10,120x9

    Other than the fail on the declines it was a really good workout. Used 7 N2AMP as my preworkout and I love this stuff. I forgot how much I like that pre. Great pumps and strength. Yet ANOTHER PR. I'm going to be so sad to see this run end in another day. Ugh. If it wouldn't throw my plans for January I would just extend it. I've literally never been this strong. Waking up with full morning wood every day and sleeping great.

    My appetite has been crazy. Way more so than when running Anabeta/Dermacrine. I've had to rush many workouts lately due to my schedule and yet I'm growing. I've settled in at 186.4 for the last 2 weeks. That's about my normal "winter weight". I hope to break 195 this year though. We'll see if I can get there.


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