SAN Fierce review by OUFINNY - 4 workouts and two flavors

  1. SAN Fierce review by OUFINNY - 4 workouts and two flavors

    Thanks to SAN and Poison for sending me 4 samples of Fierce, especially the multiple flavors. First impression, this is strong and provides excellent focus to finish your workouts. Here is a short breakdown based on two cardio days and two lifting days.

    Stims/Focus - Excellent stimulation without a crash. I got a strong thermo from this as well which is a welcome feeling and the complete lack of crash is the best I have ran into since LG AS-GT. This is my eyes is the best feature of Fierce.

    Pumps - Sure I got some but I am doing HST so they are not pronounced and for me to get strong pumps, I need to do crazy volume or take anabolics. I just don't get these and Fierce didn't stand out as giving me tons of them more so than my staple APS Mesomorph.

    Endurance - Again, this is where it shines. I really noticed on cardio days that it would give me the lactic acid buffering to push harder, longer and I noticed that time went by quickly (see focus above).

    Taste - Orange was fine but fake, cherry flavor was good but not as tart as I would have expected. That said, it is better than many and I could live with either for an extended period of time. If you like orange, this may not sit well with you as it has that sickly sweet sucralose flavor covering what really is a tasty orange in the background. I assume to cover up the ingredients they had to do this so it is not a criticism as much as an observation. Cherry is solid though and a very under-used flavor, love me some cherry.

    Overall - 8/10 Simply because of the ultra-smooth stimulation and endurance properties, this is a winner. When I read CL White Flood reviews I always hear about great stims and endurance, well this is what I experienced here with Fierce so if you like White Flood, try Fierce for sure (you may be surprised at how good it is). Also, you can sleep on this 5-6 hours after taking it which again makes it a winner for those that want a great stim kick but want to sleep at night too. Too short a time to tell if there are strength increase, creatine bloat or any other aspect but I could see this leading to some strength gains simply from better workouts. Give it a shot, I doubt you will be disappointed.

    Disclaimer - This is my first SAN product ever. It does what it says and does it pretty darn well. Only complaint is there is a prop blend which is always going to bother me but it won't stop me from using it if I have it around. Now it is time to get back to finishing my Mesomorph and then I may just pick this up after for a couple months of great workouts and cardio.

    Thanks again guys, hope this helps in your decision making.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  2. Perfect, thanks!

    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

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