Day 1:

    Grambo, thank you my brother for making this review possible. I took my first dose(1 scoop) today, about 30 minutes b4 my session, and i wound up staying an extra 30 minutes turning my normal 1 hour session into a 90 minute faceoff, hard body.

    My focal points during this review will be for mixability, pump, focus, taste, strength and stim.

    Pump: incredible. i felt it kick in about 15 minutes after consuming

    Focus: it definitetly had me "in the zone" during my entire session, letting me put up a few extra reps.

    Taste: love it! not your regular fruit punch, lemon-lime or grape flavored pwo. i could find myself drinking this through-out the day if it weren't a pwo.

    Strength: i haven't experienced anything in this dept. just yet, but i'm sure i will sometime down the line. but i was able to squeeze a few more reps and sets from my workout and i know in itself will add to my strength increases.

    Mixability: after shaking for about a minute or two and letting sit for about 5 minutes everything had dissolved, completely.

    Stim: i was charged after just 15 minutes of consuming. and not the jittery charge either. it was a clean crisp energizing effect, with no crash whatsoever. not the strongest energizing pwo i had but it packs quite a punch to get you through whatever challenge is in front of you. and i was able to maintain my appettite and eat right after my session. unlike some other pwo's that be killing my appettite.

    Looking so forward into my next session so i can have another shot
    "Don't push away the messages you recieve from the wisdom of your subconcious mind"

  2. Day: 2

    Workout's have been nothing but out of the ordinary while under the influence of the Marinade(Muscle)
    I've been blasting through my sets likes it's nobodies business. A buddy of mine said that "i must be on something" the way i was going through my regular workout routine.

    The drive and energy has been intense as hell. I had to let my man in on me being selected to running a log for this product, cause he noticed the intensity. I told him that i'll bring a little extra with me next time so i can let him try it out for himself and see first hand. Hope he feels as great as i do after consuming for that'll be another sale for Purus.

    I love that it doesn't have that crash effect a few hours later too. For those looking into purchasing a pwo, you won't be disappointed with this product right here.
    "Don't push away the messages you recieve from the wisdom of your subconcious mind"

  3. took off yesterday, to let my body recoup a little. sessions been way too intense lately while marinading the muscles(muscle-marinade). will post update this evening. been dosing a little too late in the day, so my sleep has been off a bit. my sessions have had me physically beat, but the mind is wide awake
    "Don't push away the messages you recieve from the wisdom of your subconcious mind"

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