**It's Time to Get FIERCE** (Sponsored)

  1. **It's Time to Get FIERCE** (Sponsored)

    I am one of 10 lucky individuals who were chosen to log and review SAN's pre-workout product FIERCE. I have received 4 samples, 2 Wild Cherry and 2 Tangy Orange. Here I'll be recording all my thoughts and experiences with FIERCE.

    Today was day 1 and I started off with Wild Cherry.

    First off, right when I ripped open the packet it smelled amazing. And it tasted amazing as well. I've tried Superpump 250, Superpump MAX, 3 different flavors of Jack3d, Pre-Surge Unleashed, Lit-Up, NO Fury, and BodyRush and I can easily say this is the best tasting pre-workout product I've ever tried.

    Right before I entered the gym I downed the FIERCE. Now that I think about I don't know why I drank it so fast if it tasted so damn good.

    Now to the workout.

    Monday,October 3rd, 2011


    DB Shoulder Press:

    60x10-12 <--Not an all time PR, but I had lost a lot of shoulder strength on my cut this summer and now it's almost back to where I used to be
    65x8 <---Same thing as I said above.

    Real happy with shoulder press today.

    Arnold Press:

    45x10 <--Last week only got 9 on my first set after DB press

    DB Front Raises Superset w/ DB Lateral Raises:

    With these I like to superset each rep. For example I'll do a rep of front raises and then a rep of lateral raises and alternate. Might sound confusing. Makes a crazy pump in the shoulders.

    20's for 3x8-12 (8-12 reps of both front raises and lateral raises each)

    BB Rear Delt Raises:

    135 for 3x10

    DB Curls:

    40's x 12
    40's x 8-10
    40's x 6-8

    Hammer Curls:

    40's x 10
    40's x 8
    40's x 6

    Cable Curls:

    ^ ^ ^ I just use these to finish off the bi's didn't go really heavy and intense with these. Just real slow and work on really getting a good contraction pump.

    So far so good. Really enjoyed the first day with FIERCE and really really looking forward to the rest of the week. After my workout today shoulders and biceps were feeling huge. The pump was rediculous. And with most pre-workouts I have to use like 2-3 servings. With FIERCE one packet (1 serving) was plenty to get me going. Very good energy, no crash. Some pre-workouts have me sooo tired a few hours later but I still feel great. No stomach aches like superpump did to me.

    Legs tomorrow.

  2. sounds like a winner so far

  3. Excellent!

  4. Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

    Today I tried out the Tangy Orange flavor. Also tasted very good. Today I actually drank it a bit slower so I could enjoy the taste lol.


    Anderson Squats:


    First time doing these so I was just messing around with the weight trying to find a good weight that I could start out with for 5x3.

    And these are a lot harder than I expected. My max squat is somewhere around 425ish and I could only get 315x1 on these.


    315 for 2x5 <---After anderson squats legs were dead.

    DB Lunges:

    60x15 (15 reps each leg, 30 total lunges)
    60x10 (10 reps each leg, 20 total lunges)
    60x8 (8 reps each leg, 16 total lunges)

    Stiff Legged Deadlifts:


    Calf Raises:



    For some reason today I just didn't have the same energy as I did yesterday. Who knows, theres a lot of factors that could have caused this. Still had a great workout, but energy wasn't quite as good as yesterday. I'm sure if I were to use 2-3 servings of FIERCE instead of just 1 it would have been much better.

    Off tomorrow.

    Chest/triceps on Thursday. Real excited to see if it gives me any crazy chest pumps.

  5. Thursday, October 6th, 2011

    Today was the last day with FIERCE unfortunately. Today I mixed the Tangy Orange and Wild Cherry

    Tasted awesome. I noticed when I shook it up though and I drank it it wasn't completely dissolved. Maybe thats cause I put it in the bottle and shook it up but didn't drink it till about 15 minutes later.

    Incline BB Bench:


    Flat DB Bench:


    Decline BB Bench:


    Flat DB Flyes:


    Decline Skullcrushers:

    37.5lbs. on each side of EZ Bar x 9
    35lbs. on each side of EZ Bar x 7-8
    35lbs. on each side of EZ Bar x 6-7

    Overhead DB Extensions:


    Tricep Pushdowns: (Rope)

    50x12 plus about 6-7 partials till complete failure. (1 set)

    Today was awesome. 2 servings did it for me. I had just about the same amount of energy throughout my whole workout. My energy level on my first set of my first exercise was about the same as the last set of my last exercise. Very good pump in my chest and tri's. I did notice a tiny tiny bit of discomfort in my stomach when I first drank it, I don't know why, but it quickly went away and didn't bother me and it wasn't a problem.

    Taste: 10/10

    Like I said on my first post, best tasting pre-workout I've ever tried.

    Energy/Focus: 8/10

    Energy and focus was good. Better energy than the majority if preworkouts I've tried. Like I said above. Today my energy was about the same all throughout my workout. With some preworkouts my energy kind of tapers off towards the end.

    Pump/Vascularity: 6/10

    I never really notice that much of a difference in pumps when it comes to preworkouts. I've never tried a preworkout that really gave me a noticeable pump that I wouldn't get without it. Same thing with vascularity. There might have been a slight difference the vascularity in my shoulders today. Hard to say. I don't take preworkouts for the pumps or vascularity, I take them for the energy and endurance.

    Stamina/Endurance: 7/10

    I've been taking pretty short rests between sets lately and today only about a minute and half between sets (Short for me). On incline bb bench last week I only got 175 for 7, today I got it for 8 with shorter rest than I'm used to. Its only 1 more rep but still every rep counts. Same thing with overhead db extensions. Last week I only got 75lb. DB for 6-8 reps, today I got it for 10 or 12. When I'm done my workout I feel like I could do more but I gotta remind myself less is more and not to over do it.

    Solubility: 9/10

    Wasn't till today that I had a little bit left at the bottom. Not a problem. The other two days it completely dissolved.

    Overall: 7-8/10

    A solid pre workout product without the upset stomach and crash. Gave me good endurance and energy. Would definitely suggest this to someone looking for a new preworkout to try. Its worth it. Also could very well be my next preworkout product I buy.



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