Ergogenix ErgoPump Review

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    ErgoPump is ErgoGenix's entry in the pre-workout performance category. Athletes of all types may benefit from ErgoPump's Energy & Muscle Amplification formula. ErgoPump works to enhance Energy, Focus and Performance. This scientifically designed, cutting-edge formula works to augment blood flow by promoting nitric oxide production, as well as improving cognitive function.

    The just of this is that the updated version of ErgoPump has no 1,3 DMAA. Thank you Jevus since my body doesn't do well on it.

    I'm been on ErgoPump about a week or so since I dont really believe in reviewing a product on the first day you try it.

    Mixability- 10/10
    Too easy to rate this ErgoPump mixed without a problem had a little clump at the bottom but just swirled it a bit more and done dadda the product was dissolved.

    Taste- 8/10
    The reason the rating on taste dropped was because I'm not a huge fan of fruit punch but ErgoPump didn't remind me of any other products on taste it has its own place. But no biggie I just made a shot of ErgoPump and took it down without an issue.

    Energy- 9/10
    This is what I liked I usually wake up around 4am since in the military we have PT at 7 I need to get my workout in before it. Woke up about 10 minutes later took my shot of ErgoPump and proceeded to get ready for the gym 420 hit the gym and have a 2 mile run. Once I'm done I'm ready to hit the weights thats when ErgoPump kicks in so about 445-450 perfect timing. Energy rush isn't explosive but just right since I really don't like the cracked out feeling so very smooth kick. Also no crash at all and my appetite wasn't taken away like other pre-workouts.

    Focus 10/10
    Top notch, had workouts that I felt like I didn't want to be bothered and the gym was meant for me. Zoned the F... OUT!!!

    Pump 8/10
    Wasn't to crazy but had the pumps in it to push 105's on DB press. So I'm happy which is what matters

    Overall 9/10
    A very solid pre-workout that is underrated. If you want to step out of the box from the Jack3d and 1MR pre's I suggest ErgoPump. If you want a harder hitting pre than I suggest bumping half a scoop more or just going all out with 2 scoops but for me 1 heaping scoop was good enough.

  2. this stuff sounds pretty good.thanks for the review

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