Um wow! I've tried another GH booster/sleep supp and didn't really get the results I got from this. In fact I am very impressed with the G8 sample I received.

Mixability: 10/10. Easily mixed with about five seconds of shaking in the shaking.

Taste: 7/10. I don't usually follow instructions when it comes to how much water to use. I through it in about 6 oz of water and pounded it. Not bad at all considering some of the terrible stuff I've had, but I wouldn't drink it for taste.

Sleep effect: 10/10. I have serious issues with sleep after my deployments and it's related injury (spinal fusion) and I haven't had eight hours of good uninterrupted sleep without a prescription until now. I'm a tad loopy upon waking and my balance is a little off, but I am in a great mood and I feel fully rested.

I just want to say thanks for the sample and I'm putting in an order in the next day or so to assist with my contest prep for Oct 29th. I'll definitely be hooking up my buddies with a sample so they can try it out for themselves as well as telling my personal training clients about it.