Thought I would toss up a quick review. AI is quickly becoming one of my face supplement companies.

9.5/10 gave it a 9 cause nothings perfect in life.

This stuff gets me going when I'm feeling sluggish. I'm talking about that early morning before work got to get going sluggish. Also late afternoon still working or have house work to do. This stuff makes you move.

This stuff is best used on an empty stomach. 2 caps is great. You can run 2 caps in the am & 2 in the pm as needed.

I don't crash and I don't get shakey. They put enough ingredients to make this effective and you can dose the amount of caps you like.

When I first saw motivate I thought oh and engery pill that will make me crash and be bouncing off the walls. That's not the case energy is a smooth flow and makes you more focused. You dont notice a coming down effect from the product.

AI was nice enough to send me samples and I made a purchase on the motivate good stuff.