Clipper is on the Marinade - (Sponsored) Muscle Marinade Cherry Limeade Log

  1. Clipper is on the Marinade - (Sponsored) Muscle Marinade Cherry Limeade Log

    Wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to Grambo and Purus Labs for giving me the opportunity to log this.

    So the tub just got here. Excited to see how the new taste is and the effects of the Muscle Marinade in comparison to the plethora of pre-workouts I've used in the past. Most recently been using MP Assault so should be interesting to compare two of the 'top dogs' in the industry.

    Will begin log on my next training day which will not be until Saturday. Tomorrow is an off day for me and the package didn't get delivered until after I had finished today's leg session.

    I will be reviewing the Muscle Marinade on taste, pump, vascularity, focus, strength, and recovery.

    Cannot wait to drop that first scoop in the shaker on Saturday. Wanted to get the log up ahead of time and give a little background.

    Years Training:
    4 years serious as a college athlete
    Training Style: Currently on a 12-week recomp program which includes FST-7 training style, drop sets, triple drop sets, giant sets, and training until failure on almost all sets. Muscle confusion and high reps are a big part of my training style in addition to power lifts and interval cardio designed for my baseball needs.
    Diet: Diet is very clean honestly. Hard to believe being that I am in college, but I do eat mostly in my apartment and do grocery shopping and cook days in advance. Store all my meals in the fridge so that they are ready for when I need them. Eat 6 lean meals a day consisting of such foods as chicken, steak, rice, egg whites, oatmeal, oats, vegetables, and no dairy. Only dairy that is allowed in my diet is a drop of milk for my shakes and that's it. Everything else is water which totals about 1 1/2 - 2 gallons per day.

    Ht: 5' 9"
    Wt: 183lbs
    BF%: 10%

    Thanks again to Purus Labs and Grambo and to all those following along.

  2. Following along....... Make us proud!
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. Subbed, been thinking of this as my next pre-workout for awhile now. Interested on the review
  4. Day 1 - Chest/Triceps/Abs

    Ok so I just returned from the first session the Muscle Marinade...WOW. its as simple as that WOW. this stuff is potent stuff. let me post up the lift and then I'll go into the effects of the product.

    Exercise Warmup 1 / Warmup 2 / Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3
    Flat DB Press 50-12 / 60-10 / 90-11 / 100-6
    Incline DB Fly 35-10 / X / 55-12 / 60-8 / 60-40-20 (drop set til failure)
    Decline Barbell 45-20 / 105-18 / 135-15 / 185-8 / 185-135-95 (drop set til failure)
    Stand Cable Cross 36-12 / X / 60-9 / 60-8 / 60-36-12 (drop set til failure)
    ============================== ============================== ======
    Giant Set til Failure
    Bar Skull Crush X / X / 40-18 / 40-13 / 40-15
    Bar Pullovers X /X / 40-11 / 40-7 / 40-6
    Bar Pullover to Press X /X / 40-8 / 40-4 / 40-4

    Bench Dips (weighted drop sets) X / X / 45-25-BW / 45-25-BW / 45-25-BW
    Incline Close Grip Pushups X / X / 13 / 15 / 16
    ============================== ============================== ======
    Decline Reverse Crunch X / X / 16 / 15 / 13
    Bosu Concentration Cable Crunch X / X / 60-20 / 84-25 / 96-25

    OK so that was the session for today. It was intense to say the least.

    Mixability: 7 out of 10...there were a few floaters left but I did use one level scoop in 14 ounces of water, so maybe if I had made it 16 it would have been better. I'll try that tomorrow. For the most part though, it mixed quickly and pretty well. Much better than the Grape or Purus Punch that I've endured in the past.

    Taste: 7 out of was MUCH BETTER than the previous Muscle Marinade flavors I tried in the past. Although it was a little dull honestly or lacking a bit in my opinion on taste. I used to gag down the other flavors though and this stuff went down smooth. In comparison to my more recent pre w/o's this is a descent taste but I've been spoiled with MP Assault so maybe I've been living on cloud 9 in respect to pre w/o taste. It is much better than many other pre-w/o live Nano Vapor or N.O. Explode. I didn't mind it at all and enjoyed it being so mild tasting honestly and not over-sweet or anything.

    Pump & Vascularity: 8 out of was a strong pump and solid veins pulsing all over. I really had a great pump going today on this stuff. It is right up there with N2KTS by N2BM in regards to the pump and vascularity. I could actually 'feel' the blood running through my veins. I know that sounds crazy but anybody whose had the experience knows what I mean. It was a strong tightness in the muscles and my chest was popping incredibly today. Don't usually get that great of a pump on a chest and tri, but it was intense. It was to the point where it actually hurt on my last drop sets and failure sets more than the usual muscle pain. Loved the feeling and honestly haven't had the solid of a pump since I was on N2KTS a few months back and it was awesome.

    Focus: 10 out of 10...This is where the Muscle Marinade really stood out to me and shined. I was in another world on this stuff. About 35 minutes after I downed it, I finished a nice little bike warmup and headed into my first exercise and I felt like I had blinders on. I literally was just focused on nothing but the lift I was about to do and I stopped myself to recognize the feeling. It was like euphoric almost. I was dialed in and on the first working set I just blasted well past my previous normal rep range. After the flat DB bench I realized that this stuff was no joke. I had blasted through my average rep ranges til failure without a spot today on that lift and went directly with no rest right into my incline DB fly's. I jumped immediately into my previous PR and repped right through that and upped it to 60's which were a PR on this particular lift. After banging out that exercise I jumped into the decline barbell and at about this point is where I would normally fatigue and start to mentally push myself to keep up at the pace I am going, but the Marinade really proved itself because I jumped right into 185 on the 2nd working set once I had my form where I wanted and banged out a drop set which I usually never do on decline at all. This stuff just had me upping the weight and blasting through my rep ranges I had previously been stuck at. On the cable crosses I was an absolute animal to the point where the few lifters there on a Sunday actually stopped to watch my sets and snicker (which I LOVE to see). After moving into that Giant Set I had planned I was nervous in anticipation of the Marinade wearing off but it didn't let up. Blasted through those 3 sets of those exercises and was ready for more so through in the bench dips and close grip incline pushup just for ****s because I wanted more. The abs usually are mentally draining for me but I was repping out the exercises and loving it. I haven't felt that focused on a pre w/o in a long, long, long time. It was honestly incredible how dialed in I was. Wasn't worried about anything else going on in the gym or my life for that matter and just literally felt like I had blinders on like a horse. It was an incredible feeling.

    Recovery: 8 out of 10...this was another positive for the Marinade. I was bouncing from exercise to exercise without delay today and I was not dragging one bit. In addition, in between sets I was taking about half of the rest time I usually take in between my sets. I was raring to go and just didn't want to stop. I loved the effect that this had on my recovery. I kept jumping right back on the bench or the cables and banging out sets. Each set felt like I was 'fresh' as well. Usually on the last sets (drop sets) I struggle through and sometimes won't make it back to my previous sets rep range, but on the Marinade I was reaching the previous rep range and absolutely tearing up the drop sets. I was very impressed by this aspect of the product.

    Overall: 9 out of initial thoughts and feelings on the Muscle Marinade were great. I really enjoyed the product and the effects it had on me and my training session today. The reason I didn't give it a 10 out of 10 is because of the mixability and taste issues, but as far as the important factors as previously mentioned, the product DELIVERS! I was truly impressed by the product in comparison to the other pre w/o's I've used in the past. The test will be to see is the tolerance as I continue to use the product. See if I develop any type of tolerance to it and if it can still deliver as I progress in using it.

    Looking forward to my next lift and seeing what the Muscle Marinade can deliver tomorrow!
  5. Day 2 - Back & Biceps

    Exercise Warmup 1 / Warmup 2 / Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3
    ============================== ============================== ===============
    Reverse Grip Hammer Pulldown 60-15 / 90-12 / 140-11 / 150-8 / 150-8
    Single Arm Stand Rows (w/partial reps til failure) X / 60-8 / 65-13 / 65-12 / 65-12
    Bent Barbell Rows 115-8 / 135-8 / 155-11 / 165-10 / 165-10
    Overhand Grip Pulldown X / X / 100-15 / 110-12 / 110-11
    ============================== ============================== ===============
    Spider Bar Curls X / 40-9 / 40-9 / 40-11 / 50-8
    Crouched Concentration DB Curl X / 30-10 / 25-15 / 30-13 / 35-12
    Cable Preacher Curls (FST-7) X / X / 30-15 / 30-13 / 30-11 / 30-11 / 30-10 / 30-10 / 30-10

    Today's workout did not let down from yesterday's one bit. I was very impressed again this morning. I used 16 ounces of water this time around and it payed off. With that amount of water and the full one scoop, it was a perfect match. Much better taste. It kicked in about 28 minutes after I took it down and like a light switch it kicked in. Very impressed with the initial 'impact' feeling of the Muscle Marinade. It doesn't ease in at all, it just hits you hard and gets you going. The veins just start popping beastly after the first exercise. I looked in the mirror after the pulldowns and I just looked seriously swollen. Loved the look and the feeling. Again today I had that 'blinder' concept going on again. I was truly focused on nothing but my lifts and bettering myself. It is a unique feeling and its a very good feeling at that. Tomorrow is a shoulder day for me and I seem to get my best pump and energy on my shoulder days so i'm real pumped bout tomorrow mornings lift. It's off to bed to get my sleep and get geared up for this Marinade session in the AM

  6. Day 4 - Shoulders & Calves

    Exercise Warmup 1 / Warmup 2 / Set 1 / Set 2 / Set 3
    Cable Side Raises 5-15 / 5-15 / 36-24-12 / 36-24-12 / 36-24-12
    Plate Front Raises 35-12 / X / 45-8 / 45-9 / 45-8
    Swiss Mac Military Press (Drop Set) 135-12 / 135-12 / 185-135 / 185-135 / 185-135
    Rear DB Fly X / X / 25-13 / 30-10 / 30-11

    DB Shrugs 50-15 / 50-15 / 90-20 / 100-17 / 110-16
    ============================== ============================== ============
    Seated Calf Raise (Drop Set) X / X / 135-90 / 135-90
    Stand Double Calf Raise til fail (BW) X / X / 40 / 40

    OK so this workout was just as solid as I had hoped. Really enjoyed my shoulder day today and PR'd on my shrugs. I don't use straps anymore and been trying to enhance my over grip strength and strength balance. So for not using straps that 110 set was a record which was sick to blast through. The rep ranges just continue to increase each day and the focus was just as pronounced as the other two lifts. It gets intense out of nowhere. It's pretty solid thus far. Got a leg day tomorrow and hoping that a slight tweak in my groin from flag football last night doesn't inhibit me. We'll see how it goes. Gonna keep updating daily. LETS GET IT MUSCLE MARINADE!
  7. Day 6 - Chest & Tricep

    Incline Fly
    Warmup: 35-10
    Working Sets: 55-15 / 60-12 / 65-10
    Cable Cross Ups
    Working Sets (Triple Drop): 48-24-12 / 48-24-12 / 48-24-12
    Decline Barbell
    Warmup: 135-15
    Working Sets: 225-7 / 225-6 / 225-5
    ============================== ===============
    Rope Pushdown
    Warmup: 30-15
    Working Sets (Triple Drop): 70-50-30 / 70-50-30 / 70-50-30
    DB Skull Crush w/ Press
    Warmup: 15-15
    Working Sets: 30-12 / 30-12 / 30-11
    Dips (BW)
    Working Sets: 10 / 9 / 10

    alright so the groin was not feeling up to a leg day. Went back to chest & tri and had a sick workout. PR'd on incline fly's and decline press. It was legit. I had veins pulsing in the arms like I haven't seen in a while. Great workout all around. Incredible focus in addition and was just absolute 'alpha male' feeling in the gym.
  8. Day 7 - Back & Biceps

    DB Bench Row
    Warmup: 60-13
    Working Sets: 105-8 / 105-8 / 105-7
    Lat Bar SwingDown
    Warmup: 30-15
    Working Sets (Drop Set): 60~30 / 60~30 / 60~30
    Reverse Grip Pulldown
    Warmup: 70-15
    Working Sets (Triple Drop): 140~100~55 / 160~120~70 / 160~120~70
    PullUp Grip Hanging Vertical Row (BW)
    Working Sets: 9 / 7 / 7
    ============================== =======================
    Cable Bar Curl
    Warmup: 35-11
    Working Sets (Triple Drop): 57.5~30~15 / 65~30~15 / 65~30~15
    Standing DB Hammer
    Warmup: 20-13
    Working Sets: 27.5-12 / 35-11 / (Drop Set) 35~25~15
    Seated Machine Curl
    Warmup: 40-15
    Working Sets: 80-9 / 80-9 / (Drop Set) 80~40
    ============================== =======================
    Upper Ab Isolation Crunch (Bosu)
    Working Sets: 42.5-25 / 65-20 / 65-17
    Hanging Leg Raises
    Working Sets: 13 / 13 / 13

    This workout was sick. Although I had to lift at my gym at work, it was an outstanding lift. I really tore through the lifts and recovered exceptionally today. It was really noticeable on the drop sets. I was bouncing back and ready to go in between sets. I had that blinders feeling again like I mentioned earlier in the week. It was great especially when I'm lifting at a ritzy Westchester gym. Bunch of rich scrawny dudes starring the whole time. I was in a zone and loving it. Felt a solid pump today as expected and had significantly increases in vein appearance today. They were little all over the place and throbbing like never before. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by this. Muscle Marinade truly delivers. In regards to taste, 15 ounces seems to be the sweet spot for one level scoop. It tastes great and mixes very well. Love this stuff.


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