Fierce...Mini log

  1. Fierce...Mini log


    Thanks again poison for picking me to test fierce...I got it today
    Want to try some FIERCE samples and win? ENTER HERE!!!

    Got mine in the mail today, and i couldnt wait to goto the gym, I tried the wild cherry. I read some good/bad reviews about fierce, most noteably the taste. I thought it tasted awesome

    Dumbell curls 3 sets of 8...45lbs

    Hammer curls 3 sets of 8...40 lbs

    Incline dumbell curls 3 sets of 8...30lbs

    One arm curls/concentration 3 sets of 8...35lbs

    Cable curls 3 sets of 8... 35lbs

    Front Lat pulldowns 3 sets of 8...120lbs

    Behind the back lat pull downs...100lbs

    One are dumbell pulls 3 sets of 8...100lbs

    Barbell rows 3 sets of 8...175lbs

    Awesome pump, great endurance. The energy is smooth(even though it has caffeine) I did not get any crash. Got me through the workout great, felt really pumped up after the workout....Mixability was 10/10. No clumps, or no residue at the bottome. Did I mention the taste was a 10/10!!! I love the flavor. Finished with 20 minutes of cardio. Cant wait to workout tomorrow!!!!

  2. 9/27/11


    Front military press 3 sets of 8(smith machine)...175lbs

    Behind the back press 3 sets of 8(smith machine)...145lbs

    Shrugs front and rear 3 sets of 10...245lbs

    Front raises 3 sets of 8...30lbs

    Side lateral raises 3 sets of 8...25lbs

    Upright rows 3 sets of 8...95lbs

    Great workout..This stuff is intense. The focus is 10/10. Its almost like you cant wait to do the next set. Your definitely in the zone

    Today I tried the orange. A bit of a medicinal taste, but still tastes great. I like the cherry better.

  3. Great! I love the Cherry too, btw. LOVE IT!

  4. This stuff is intense, great pumps, endurance, and focus!

  5. Ha, glad you mentioned pumps...they're just stupid, and they last a LONG time. Everything about Fierce lasts a long time, actually: energy, focus, pumps, even the damn 50 serving tub.

  6. I think the fierce and maybe ive had some good music on the playlist the past few days made me "stupid"

  7. 9/29/11...Cherry flavor
    1 arm dumbell isolates 3 sets of 10...90lbs

    Flat bench dumbell 3 sets of 8...115lbs

    Incline bench dumbell 3 sets of 8...100lbs

    Decline bench 3 sets of 8...245lbs

    Dumbell chest flys 3 sets of 8...30lbs

    Cable cross-overs 3 sets of 8...30lbs

    Front Tricep pulldowns(pulley) 3 sets of 8...90lbs

    Reverse Tricep pulldowns(pulley) 3 sets of 8..70lbs

    Closegrip bench 3 sets of 8...135lbs

    Rope pulldowns(pulley) 3 sets of 8...65lbs

    Dips 4 sets of 12

    Another great workout. This stuff is insane. My trcieps were on fire!!!! Ive never tried fierce before, and i must say, this is one of the best/or the best pre-workout supplement ive ever had. The pumps, endurance, and the energy it gives you makes you want to workout more and harder. One more packet left...I hope I have a chance to win more

  8. 10/1/11...last day orange


    Dumb-bell press 3 sets of 8...75lbs

    Behind the back press 3 sets of 8(smith machine)...145lbs

    Shrugs front and rear 3 sets of 10...245lbs

    Front raises 3 sets of 8...30lbs

    Side lateral raises 3 sets of 8...25lbs

    Upright rows 3 sets of 8...95lbs

    Last workout with fierce was the best. This stuff is legit. I will most definitely be buying a tub of this in the future (or maybe ill win one). Superpump 250 used to be my favorite pre-workout supplement...not anymore!!!!
    Fierce certainly does the job it describes, awesome pumps, endurance, energy. A clean pre-workout that gives you that non jittery clean focus/concentration. I was noticing that in between each set, i felt like a "caged animal" and couldnt wait to get to my next set. I will recommend fierce to all the guys at the gym

    When i was done with my workout today, one of the guys who works at the gym told me that my shoulders and arms looks huge and the veins in my shoulders were popping out.

    Taste: Cherry 10/10 Orange 9/10 (good taste but a little after taste

    Mixability: 10/10 fine powder that doesnt clump, easy to mix with a few shakes

    Energy/endurance/stamina/focus: 10/10 This stuff is not joke, awesome focus without the jitters and no caffeine crash

    Thanks again to SAN and poison for letting me be a tester

  9. Great job, glad you loved it!


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