FIERCE mini-log with Rahl

  1. FIERCE mini-log with Rahl

    First off thanks to SAN and especially Poison for hooking me up with some samples to give this one a try! I received 2 packs of Wild Cherry flavor and 2 packs of Orange. It's nice to have both to review since the flavor is a major component of most reviews on these types of products. I'll give my impressions of both.

    I started out with the cherry flavor on Monday.

    Taste: 8/10
    Really good flavor. Not overpowering in any sense. Not wickedly colored (LitUP). Does have an aftertaste. Reminded me a little of APS mesomorph on the aftertaste side but not nearly as bad.

    Mixability: 10/10
    Definite win here. Gave it a few shakes in a mixer and it mixed right up. I was impressed by that because there's a ton of powder in this packet. A TON!

    Energy: 9/10 Wasn't crazy jittery. Just solid balanced energy that pushed me through my workout.

    Stamina: 9/10 Lasted. Plain and simple.

    Crash? = None
    Here's where I had a bit of a problem. I dosed this at 4:45 pm I couldn't sleep until about 1:30 am! I felt fine. My mind was just VERY alert still. I'm not sure what ingredient kept me up that long. I'm not particularly caffeine sensitive and I didn't get any heartpounding overstimed feeling at the gym. I just couldn't shut my mind off! So, I'm holding off until Friday on my second try. I may dial the dose back slightly just in case but I don't have to get up saturday so I'm safe. LOL

    I'm doing volume training right now so this carried me through 10 set of 10 reps on BB flat bench. 3 sets of decline flies and hanging leg raises. These workouts are grueling to say the least and I'm not taking any other supplement right now save protein and creatine. So at first blush I'm pretty impressed by Fierce. I'll continue to log it out and see how it goes. Friday is squat day so 100 squats should be a good test of any product!

  2. Excellent! RE: the alertness: caffeine and a fat dose of tyrosine will do that, plus glucoronolactone, and nitrates potentiate the effects of caffeine. caffeine/tyrosine has been studied by the US military for use in sleep-deprived troops.

    Can't wait for leg day feedback!

  3. fierce is the bomb-enjoy!....and the tubs last forever!

  4. I was feeling good getting home from work today and I was really looking forward to hitting the gym.

    Preworkout supps:

    1 scoop of whey isolate
    Fierce sample pack (orange)

    Intra: 1 scoop of recover pro
    1g Taurine

    Post: 1 scoop hydrowhey
    1 scoop of recoverpro
    5g creapure


    10 mins Elliptical

    Squats: 10x10

    135x10-185x10 progressive

    BB Bench: 3x8 185

    Core circuit

    Great solid energy the whole way through. 10x10 squats is exhausting. While I was winded and my legs were crazy pumped I still had no problem pushing through.

    Fierce is excellent in the endurance dept. I had a little bit of an over caffeinated feeling for a few seconds when I got heavily winded ( short rests on those squats) but if I got a good breath it passed quick. Somehow this formula seems to give the benefits of the caffeine without the downside. Interesting.

    A note on the flavors. I think you guys called them wrong. The first day I took the cherry I thought i messed up and took the orange. Tastes like orange to me. Today I drank the orange and I think it tastes like lemonade! I really liked the flavor of this one.

    I'm digging this one for sure thus far. I'm up late tonight anyway so I'm not sure how the being awake too late thing will work out.

  5. very solid review here.well done

  6. 2 more to go?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    2 more to go?
    Yep! Well, 1 now really. LOL.



    I happened to be switching up my routine this week from a volume style training to a mix or low rep, high weight and low weight high rep isolation. It was a good test of a preworkout as I always struggle a little on the first week of a new routine.

    Went with the Cherry again last night. I still don't think this stuff tastes like Cherry at all but it's good. I like the Orange better but it's good. I went with slightly less than the whole serving because last Monday I couldn't sleep after taking it and I really needed some rest. Even without taking the entire packet I had plenty of energy and drive. The focus was really good.

    Lately I've been using Finaflex's N.O. Ignite or N2BM's N2KTS. Fierce is good company for either product. I like the drive and focus of N2KTS and the lasting energy of N.O. Ignite. Fierce seems to land right in between there somewhere. It's a "quiet" kind of energy which I like. I'm not noticing any overstimulation or jitter. The energy is just there. I can push through sets and reps easily.

    My strength was very good on heavy lifts which I was unsure of since I've been volume training for the last 6 weeks. Also, on chest flies I hit 25 reps and the endurance was there. The pump was quite good too but that could easily have come from the actual training style. I would have to do the workout without the product to really comment on the pump properties.

    So, tonight it's deads with the Orange Fierce. This will be my last sample. I look forward to the last test.

  8. I used my last sample of Fierce last night and I have to say...I'm going to miss it. I saved an orange flavored one for last because that was my favorite of the 2. Mixes very well and tastes great.


    Pullups 5x5
    Deads 275x5x5
    Cable Pulldowns 100x20x3
    BB Curl 100x3
    Incline DB Curl 25x25x3

    PUMP!!!!! Wow! Those deads had me pumped beyond pumped. Till I did the pulldowns my lats were swole.

    Final thoughts on Fierce. This definitely hits my top 5 maybe even top 3. I've been very impressed with the endurance aspect of Fierce. I've been able to push through some grueling workouts without issue. The unique thing to me with Fierce is the fact that I never "felt like" I had anything in me. The energy was just there. Props to SAN for this formula. Good job guys!

    Thanks again for the opportunity to try it.


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