Background information:

34 years old
Testosterone levels have been low-normal for 6 years.
(1) previous cycle of enanthate in 2006 for 16 weeks.
No other cycles since.
Testosterone levels have been slowly declining from 500 - 600 ng/dl since then.
I've maintained the usual up/down gym routine but stay in decent health/shape.

I was ready to start self medicating again with injections when I was referred by a friend to try this supplement "TriPharm Free Test"
to naturally increase my Test levels. I was skeptical but thought it would be worth a shot. Like all supplements I gave it 90 days to do it's magic.

Prior to starting I had my Test levels checked by my primary DR.

Range: 249 ng/dl - 836 ng/dl

7/12/2010 Total Testosterone 391 ng/dl
5/31/2011 Total Testosterone 336.7 ng/dl

I started taking Free Test the middle of June. Begining with 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill after lunch or afternoon. After the first couple weeks I started to notice a difference in my mood, libido, etc. I wouldnt say I noticed a difference in the gym but my main concern is my mood and libido which have the largest impact on my marriage.

After the first month, I was still feeling better (mood/libido) and was really looking forward to the next couple months. I did miss some pills here and there the second month but I started to play around with the dosing. Some days I would take 2 and some days I would take 3 pills.

By the third month, I was still feeling the same as I did the first month. Great mood, great sex drive, and my workouts were slightly improving. I was looking forward to the next Blood Tests just to see if it really made that much of a difference.

Results after ~90 days :

9/23/2011 Total Testosterone 551.9 ng/dl

I'm a believer. I'm not a salesman for this company nor have I tried any other Test Boosters but I've felt the results and confirmed it with Blood Tests. I'll continue taking this stuff until the magic disappears....

I hope this helps others out there who are skeptical of Test Boosters....