Finaflex G8 sample review!

  1. Finaflex G8 sample review!

    First of all I want to thank ScottyDoc and Finaflex for the sample...let's get to it!

    Taste: 7/10. I mixed the entire sample packet with 24 oz water. The taste wasn't bad like I have read in a lot of reviews, but it's nothing great. Like most flavored supplement powders, as long as it's not horrible I don't really hold much against a product in the category of taste.

    Mixability: 10/10. I just dumped it in my water bottle and shook it up. Mixed fine.

    Sleep: I'm going to have to give a little explanation before I give my score.

    I took the sample at 11:30 on a completely empty stomach. About 15 minutes later I started having trouble holding my eyelids up and fell asleep about midnight. My 2 year old daughter woke me up at 7:30 this morning. I woke up feeling like I had gotten too much sleep. I did not want to get out of bed and I am still a little groggy. The sleep I got was awesome I feel very recoop'ed from my yesterday back/bi workout. I have a very full and tight feeling in my back that I really enjoy. ScottyDoc said you should only take G8 if you can dedicate 8 hours to sleep. I think 9 or 10 would be more accurate. As far as my score. I would give G8 a score of 10/10 for doing exactly what it was supposed to do, but it seemed to work too damn good for me. With a 2 year old there is no way I can get a consistent 8 hours of sleep.

    Overall: 9/10. If you're having trouble getting quality sleep and can dedicate more than 8 hours consistently this is the stuff for you. Highly recommended.

    Also, this is my first review so I would appreciate any criticism you guys may have.
    "The only way to achieve your goals is to bite off more than you can chew, and fuŠkin chew it!"
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  2. pretty solid review here very well written

  3. Thanks. Much appreciated.
    "The only way to achieve your goals is to bite off more than you can chew, and fuŠkin chew it!"
    — Mickey Mouse

  4. i didn't mind the taste at all, got a nice nights sleep....i too was groggy in the morning, not groggy like i wanted to go back to sleep, but felt like i was moving in slow motion for a bit
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