Getting ready to go pro with Division 1, Titanium XL

  1. Getting ready to go pro with Division 1, Titanium XL

    I was lucky enough (along with others) to receive two products I'm very excited about: Division 1 and Titanium XL. Big thanks to Athletix Products By Athletix for being kind enough to let me log these products for them!

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    According to the write up Division 1 is designed to increase free testosterone levels. You can read up on how it does that in the previous link. I'm going to start out taking one capsule twice a day for a few days and then increase to the recommended dose of three times a day. I will be taking each dose with meals.

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    Titanium XL is just everyone's favorite supplement Titanium with twice the servings. The old Titanium (same formula) was recommended at two capsules a day. Never ones to be satisfied by following the pesky rules many users found even more incredible results by taking four capsules a day. Titanium XL is designed to allow the higher dosage to be followed by doubling the amount of servings in a bottle. I will start out with two caps a day and quickly increase to 4.

    For pre-workout nutrition what could be better to use in an Athletix stack than Adamantium? I have a huge stock of this glory stuff thanks to some killer sales. Sadly I do not have any of the new Formula X which is the old Adamantium plus some high grade BCAA's.

    Other supplements:

    Fish Oil
    Vitamin D
    Whey Protein
    Micellar Casein Protein


    Intermittent Fasting based on the leangains principles. Shooting for a 16 hour fast followed by an 8 hour feeding window. High protein, medium fat, minimal carbs. I don't go too crazy with the diet thing. I'll cheat from time to time. For the most part I'm pretty solid with my big weaknesses being a lack of fruits and vegetables. I'm always trying to get more of them and that's why I take the Carotenoids supplement as well.


    I'm a little late to the party as I've been away, but I hope the wait is worth it! I haven't hit the gym on this stack yet, but when I do you'll be the first to know. Had my first dose already, and I can't wait to see the effects of this!

  2. Workout:

    Have recently started the Texas Method by Mark Rippetoe. It's something simple while I'm strapped for time in the most busy time for me of the year. I just finished up an 8 week program and took a sorta deload week off. I started the Texas Method to coincide with my start of this cycle.

    Day One (High Volume):

    A: Squats 5*5- 175*5, 175*5, 185*5, 190*5, 190*5

    B: Bench Press 5*5- 150*5, 150*5, 160*5, 160*5, 160*5

    C: Deadlift 1*5- 200*5

    Pretty gassed so no assistance work.

    Feelings/Initial thoughts: Not a lot to report so far as I'm very early into this. Always been good on the erection side, but seemed as if I was extra strong in that regard this weekend with the lady. Going to bump my Division 1 to the recommended dose tomorrow as well as bumping up Titanium to two doses. Will report feelings

  3. Can anyone explain to me how to put this log in my signature? I try to copy/paste it and it just says bbcode url not allowed!

  4. nice updates have to go under your profile and check on the signature seciton

  5. Think I got it!

    Just took my first higher dose of the two supplements, I'll let you know what's going on!
    Checkout my Athletix Log!

  6. In for this!
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  7. How many G's fish oil?
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  8. Interested to see how this stuff works for you. Tear it up.
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  9. Subbed and good luck.
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  10. I see the sig now

  11. Same here
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  12. Hows training going this week?
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  13. Really wish there was some logging going on in here
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  14. bummer

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  16. Well it shows Seccsi was on today at 4:10pm and havn't heard back from him about this log, I guess this log is done
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