Quick Review of AMS' Pump Fixx (Orange)

  1. Quick Review of AMS' Pump Fixx (Orange)

    In addition to the Alpha Mass, DC also gave me 9 sample packs of Pump Fixx, so i figured why not.

    Mixability: 10/10 Directions said to mix with a spoon, so that's what I did. Stirred it a little, and that was enough. Even down to the very last sip, there wasn't any residue left over.

    Taste: 9/10 I was pleasantly surprised with the taste. It was "fizzy" as if it was soda. Similar to alkaseltzer (spelling?) Basically it tastes like orange soda. I used 1.5 packets (3 servings) in 12oz of water. and it tasted fine, but I think it would've been better with less water. you can actually see the bubbles if u look closely

    Energy & Stamina: 8.5/10 Well I wasn't feeling it today, due to a long night last night. I really was expecting a sub-par lift, but that wasn't the case. I hit a new PR on deadlifts, and it felt good. Normally when maxing on deads i take a sufficient break between sets (like 5-7 minutes) but I really didn't need that kind of rest today. On the way to the gym the beta-tingles were strong, not too strong, but it was nice. I didn't feel stimmed out.

    Pump: 7.5/10 I dont normally achieve any kind of pump on deadlift day, but after my last max, my back was nicely pumped.

    Focus: 9/10 It got me in the zone for sure. It pulled me out of the mental slump i was in, and allowed me to get a good workout. Noramlly I can tell that my focus improved because my vision will improve slightly, I noticed that with Pump Fixx

    Stomach Issues: None. The "fiz" caused me to burp a few times after taking it, but that went away. No gas. No diarrhea.

    Overall: 8.5-9/10 This is a solid product. I'm going to try it out a couple more times and see if i notice anything else. At this point I would purchase this product. The taste is like no other preworkout i've ever had, very unique, and still pleasant to drink. The stamina and energy were very noticable and I was loving it. good job AMS, and thank you DC, ur the man!
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  2. it pretty strong. it made me sick but the energy part from it is legit
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  3. Nice review man.
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  4. Awesome, glad you like it. Appreciative of the review. Best of luck on your upcoming Alpha Mass cycle.
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  5. CUZ...great review. Thanks for giving us a try. If you need a bottle give me a shout
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  6. how many ml are the scoops, you add to water? i have got some of this and it, doesnt say how big the scoop is.


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