Ultimate fat loss stack

  1. Ultimate fat loss stack

    So I'm starting a new stack for fat loss/recomp.

    Anabeta 4/day
    Need2Slin 3/day
    AT2 3/day
    Eviscerate smolder 2/day
    DCP 6/day
    AgeFroce Powerpatch 1 every 5 days

    Other staples:
    Oximega Greens 2/day
    Fish oils 4/day
    Orange triad 6/day
    EndoAmp Max
    Sustain Alpha

    Calories are around 2000 day. 250-300g protein, 50-100g fat, carb cycling (20,50,100,20,50,100, refeed)

    Training: cardio 3-5 days a week
    weight training 3-5 days a week

  2. So today was actually end of day 2.

    Im not going to log each meal and workout plan, just overall observations and feelings on the stack.

    The pumps today were so painful on arms that it was actually a hinderance. I'm assuming this is the anabeta probably some of the other stuff as well. but i've never experienced pumps like this before. My triceps were so swollen after dips and pushdowns that it was hard to continue working them. my arms stayed huge and pumped all day.

  3. nice stack here

  4. So today is my day off because I have 9 hours of class. Still taking the same dosage on off day.

    Noticeable effects: holy sh*t, literally. I cannot stop going. Im regular and go 2-3 day but I'm at like 5+ on this stuff. I'm thinking it's the anabeta. Anyone else experience this?

  5. Here is a pic from my starting point. A little bloated due to cheat day (tons of sodium and carbs)

    ok why won't my picture attach? It shows a red exclamation point next to it

  6. glad to hear this stuff is working for ya.I'm not sure on the pic part.


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