Bioforge V3 ...... What to stack with?

  1. Cool Bioforge V3 ...... What to stack with?

    Hey guys,

    First time poster and looking to run a log for the new V3 Bioforge. I have two Bottles ready to go. Gonna shoot to start the first Mpnday in October (Oct. 3rd).

    My Questions are:

    1.) Dosage = I am thinking of taking to Bio v3 before morning workouts then 1 mid afternon and 1 before bed

    2.) Staks = I have Bulk DAA to run at 3g day (pre workout) for the first 30 days. What else would you guys suggest as a running mate? I have been contemplating AI's Stoked or Athletix's Titanium. Heard a lot of good things about X-factor.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.


  2. I've seen logs of people running BFv3 alongside DAA, XFA, and Triazole. Of the three the best results seemed to be reported from BFv3 + Triazole. Also when running BFv3 with Triazole, I have seen it mentioned by it's creator that you can take 3 BFv3 + 3 Triazole, which will extend the period of time you can run the BFv3 total.

    Also an important thing to remember about BFv3 is that it is best taken on a completely empty stomach. Just as an FYI. Triazole, on the other hand, can be taken with or without food. 2 AM 1 PM.

  3. I think you should run it on its own to properly evaluate its effects.

  4. Triazole is a good thought had a Couple of good Ax/triazole runs, reps for the suggestion. Also, I am not looking to perform the log to simply "review" Bioforge V3 on it's own as I am very confident in Biotivia and the Bioforge family of products as I have had great success with the 1st two versions. My goal it to gain as much lean mass as possible and if Triazole would have a synergistic effect then that would be off the chain. However, what does anyone think about Omega's Fadoga product? I had decent gains from V2 which had Fadoga in it...... Thoughts?

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