Muscle Feast- Anabolic Ignite!-Review Best current pre-workout on the market?

  1. Lightbulb Muscle Feast- Anabolic Ignite!-Review Best current pre-workout on the market?

    My Final Review for MuscleFeasts Pre-Workout Anabolic Ignite

    I wanted to give a final review of this stuff, I was very impressed and MuscleFeast isn't as known on this forum as it should be, they make great products with no prop-blends for great prices.

    This is my new favorite pre-workout, all it needs is some caffeine. I plan on getting some more and stacking it with FocusXT. I noticed a nice increase in overall performance in the gym, really nice boosts of muscle endurance in boxing. Pumps like no other pre-workout(gotta love Creatine/BCAA Nitrate!) I'm going to run another bag worth and I'm not looking forward to getting off. This stacked with Adamantium is great, can't get a better non-stim pre-workout combo then that! The bag lasted me a total of 2 months and it's only $30! Can't ask for a better deal then that for what the ingredient profile is. Get caffeine tabs $5, you can run this pre-workout at $17.50 a month and it's more way more effective IMO then other top pre-workouts right now, too many are underdosed. Taste isn't all that bad either, I like how they use stevia.

    This is a pre-workout for any athlete really wanting a boost in performance, I highly recommend this product!

    5 out 5 in my books and I've tried a lot of pre-workouts!

    Core Nutritionals Representative

  2. Hands down the best PWO on the market. No other product in this category comes close. Look at the label people!!!

  3. best PWO IMO nowadays

    has creatine nitrate , bcaa nitrate, citrulline malate and other things that are great also

    best part, NO stimulants, so its a great PWO to cycle off when using jack , 1mr or all of that **** which has the crazy amounts of stims

    ps: great since they ship all the way here to Brasil

  4. how many scoops did you guys use?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by p0fell0w View Post
    how many scoops did you guys use?
    I liked 3-4 scoops, sometimes at 4 scoops the Niacin flush was pretty bad, so for most of the bag I stayed at 3 scoops, I would start off at 2 scoops for the first few workouts, just so when you go to 3 scoops the Niacin Flush isn't bad.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. I love this stuff as well... The first few times I took it, I had the Niacin flush really bad, almost to where I didn't want to workout. After the first few times...I guess I adapted because I haven't had it since.

    I started off at 2 scoops and quickly went to 3 scoops.. I mix 3 scoops with a scoop of Formula X

  7. 3 scoops of Anabolic Ignite + 1 scoop of FocusXT pre-workout, then Formula-X Intra workout is where it's at!!!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  8. 3 scoops of Anabolic Ignite for me.


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