My Final Taurus 5aOHP Review

  1. My Final Taurus 5aOHP Review

    So i logged the new product from Taurus the 5aOHP and you can read everything in my log but i figured I'd put up my final review of it separate. Overall is has been my best cycle to date, now some of that of course is due to my better knowledge of the way to run things. But this product was great for my recomp. I never felt the suppression I've gotten from taken other prohormones, no lethargy which is a huge plus, my blood pressure was constantly good never went to high and also kept it in check with AI's Cycle Support. I didn't get blood work done but everything feels good. Attitude wise aggression was slightly raised, alpha male feeling for sure, wasn't moody which I've also noticed on other hormones. Strength wise all my lifts increased while i was on it, recovery time was lessened, i was able to lift more often, and even my libido was high throughout it never crashed on me. I lost 5 pounds while i ran it also with the strength gains was very nice. Besides the funky dropper which i just used some oral syringes I've already had this is a great product. Its atop my favorite prohormones and wouldn't feel bad telling others to use it. Easily would give this 9 out 10.

  2. Cool. I'm running it now.

  3. Yeah.

  4. nice....looking forward to pbold and m1p
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  5. I've got a review of it up. Not really a log but I'm updating it.



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